Live Action Fantasy LARP-Based in Portland, Oregon
This game has not been active for many years now.
But we've left the information up in case anyone wants to use it for their own game.

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The Kingdom of Altoria Supplement
The Elven Forest Supplement
The Elven Coast Supplement
The Wild Elves of Gallan Supplement
The Glimmers Supplement
The Kingdom of Magoria Supplement
The Rovers Supplement
Qabara, Land of the Ogres Supplement
The Orcs of the Wildlands Supplement

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Glimmer Legend told by Draz

Letter to the Old Sage

Prophecy of Quidorach Gerdrik

Excerpt from the Thirty Second Scroll

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Historically Accurate Insults
Great for really putting down that annoying Elf or ridiculous Rover!

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