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The Chronicles of JustisLetter from Ecklast Fidovan
The Prophecies of Sybil LunaiMagorian Herbal
Lovecraft Prophecy of Quidornox-Ra
A Terotology of QabaraExcerpts from the 32nd Prophecy
The Advantages of TincturesProphecy of Quidorach Gerdrik
The History of HaefenGlimmer Legend by Draz
More Chronicles of JustisCleef's Notebook
The History of Alderwood[unreadable number] Census, part 3 of 7
Dreams Of DestinyRituals of Summoning and UnSummoning
On The Uses Of Charcoal In Symbolic MagicsDwarven Legends and Short Tales
Rover Spells and CursesGribbles and other Odd Creatures
Cookie's Booke of ye olde SnacksTaverns I Have Seen
The Cellarkeeper's CompanionCollected Childrens' Games
Ritual for Calling Zachbar Scroll with Symbol of Lialu
Collected Bardic PoemsSongs of the Far Reaches
Magorian SayingsHoyle's Rules Of Goblin Dice
The Secret Ritual for Calling the Great Goddess Lialu Scroll with Symbol of Healer's Guild
The Small FaePreservation of Food
Documented Fey SightingsTaverns I Think I Have Seen
Slavery In AltoriaResearch papers: Gestures
Bardic ProphecyPlant Lore
Common Dark Elf FungiOn The Uses of Triangles in Graphimancy
Legends of BoraphusScroll with List of Altorian Kings
The Legend of Zachbar and CoyoteSummoning and Its Perils
The Magics of Wild ElvesGregor's Rep... [smudged words]
Songs of The HuntersResearch Papers: Torvalds
Tales of HeroesAll You Ever Wanted to Know about Dragons
Channeling From NatureCollected Sayings of Argin
Hymns to ToranThe Symbolism of Green Thread
Eating Habits of the MagoriansThe Legend of Borophus and Lialu
Research Papers: Sacred Objects of ToranThe Spread of Rumors
Opening the [picture of an ale mug]Heroes among the Ogres
The Blue Fae BookTaverns Someone Else Has Seen
Collected Myths and Folklore vol. IIUnicorns
The Further Chronicles of JustisResearch Papers: Lialu's Children
Tristar's TaleA Reference of Common Spell Componants
Morwegan's CookbookDaemons and Creatures of Evil
A Treatise on NecromancyInsects of the Desert
A Tale of Two CaravansCollected Myths and Folklore vol. III
War and Peas - How To Feed An ArmyMathmatica Esotericus
Sheepshearing For DummiesThe Signifigance of Lice in Politics
Curatives and PoisonsTaverns No One Has Seen
Spellcraft and Magical ItemsTales of The Invisible Mountain
Research Papers: Thieves' GuildsTapestries Past and Present
The Legend of LysadisInstructions for Properly Preparing Herbs
Collected Sayings Of RoshvortTomas Scribe's Apprentice - His Book
Burial CustomsCommon Runes
Edible Plants of AltoriaTaverns - Fact or Fiction?
Research Papers: Lines of SuccessionWanderings of [smudge]
A Treatise of BreweryStalking the Demon
Fine Dining in Paramount CityThe Legend of G'kor
Using Fumagatory CompoundsThe History of Mead
Natural HealingCatflaps
Qabaran DeitiesResearch Papers: On Toran's Church
A [smudge] of [blurred words]The Underdark
Choosing a KingGoats - Creatures of Beauty and Grace
UnNatural HealingThe Tales of Sir James of Bonde
An Altorian Herbal Scroll with Symbol of Healer's Guild
The Learned Treatises of Guervas AntherA Rover Fireside Tale
Guervas Anther in the Wild LandsSmoking Mixtures and Their Properties
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