The Elven Coast

The People and Customs

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The Sea Elves are undoubtedly the mildest of the Elven peoples. They trade with outsiders on a regular basis and some have even taken to trading outside the Elven lands. One should not place too much reliance on this however, they do not encourage outsiders to stay, and often have Forest Elf mercenaries about to insure that non-Elves are behaving themselves.

Further there is a designated trade route, The Coastal Road, the entrance to which is a heavily guarded tollgate. It is the only land entrance to the Elven Coast, other than through the Forest, see the Forest Elf supplement if you are unsure why this is an undesirable route.

Unlike their cousins the Sea Elves do not have any major political divisions. They live in smallish self-sufficient villages close to the water, building smaller versions of the ships that brought them to Ereth so long ago. They also act as the go-betweens for the Forest and Wild Elves when it is necessary.

The Sea Elves are also the only ones among the Elven peoples that are settled year-round, though the lengthy sea voyages they often undertake would seem to indicate that they too have an urge to wander from time to time.

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