The Writing on the Wall

Official Proclamations

Count Tabron has taken up residence in Haefen.

The Healers Guild is offering good pay for any healing herbs.

Timbela has been granted a most honored position within the Mage's Guild.

Warrwen has taken Geron's place as Head of the Adventurer's Guild.

The King has ordered a new monetary system to be put in place.

They say...

King Wesley has been conferencing with a Dark Elf emmisary.

Those infected by the goat suckers have finally been cured. Thank the gods that we fuond some goats.

Count Tabron is continues to reside at the Sherriff's mansion.

We are still in need of more healing potions and herbal remedies.

How could anyone want to harm a poor innocent child? Surely that evil fae creature was lying about the elves.

Jardeth certainly seems to spend a lot of time in the cemetery. Why is that? What does he know about the dead--and the UNDEAD?

That new Rover in town is actually a Tinerian. He is one of Shael's men.

Sedrick fought valiently against the demon, but to no avail.

Rish should have killed the Magorian before Ancar tried to perform the exorcism.

Ancar planned to turn the Magorian over to Rish AFTER he performed the exorcism. Looks like that won't be happening.

Troy was killed by goblins. Is it Troy's soul the Magorian Seer says we must find? Does Sybil Lunai know things she is not telling us? Where is the Sybil now that we need her?

The Old Sage has copies of the Prophecies and the letter from Findovan at the library.

Strange cat-like creatures have been seen attacking goblins. Are they a danger to us?

Jubic is still missing.

Lucinda hired a mercenary woman from the Adventurer's Guild. Seems that she is determined to find Jubic. Dangerous time to be out questing.

Strange tunnels discovered under Haefen. Will the goblins try to attack us through the tunnels?

Who is that new Rover seen in town? He is pretty handy with a sword. Is he the Tinerian?

Is that barbarian girl traveling with the Rover? Why did the Fae queen choose her as an emissary? Is she one of the fae half breeds?

An elven child has been kidnapped from the forests. The Elves want her back. They are offering a big reward.

Something was brought to Aidan. Shouldn't Timbela be looking into this?

The horrible monster lurking under Haefen was destoyed. Or was It? Does Aidan plan to restore the monster?

Perhaps someone should have guarded the remains of the monster with a bit more zeal. What would a demon want with chopped up monster bits? Do they pose any danger?

Aidan has a master plan for destoying the goblins permanently.

Aidan plans to turn the goblins into his own minions.

A rogue dragon has been seen feeding on the corpses littering the countryside.

Jardeth has turned the pits over to Draz.

Is it ethical to eat taurus? They do speak- sort of...

Jardeth disappeared again for a while. Where was he this time?

It is rumored that Shael, the imposter King, escaped. He is building up an army to invade Altoria. The former High Priest, Allothar, has remained faithful to Shael.

Shael is behind this goblin invasion.

Shael is the true King. Wesley is an imposter.

Ancar says that having your body tainted by bonding with the unholy flesh of a beast goes against the will of the gods. Warrwen's hand is an affront to Toran.

Timbela has seen the light of Toran. She is no longer a demon worshipper. Ancar is so pleased. Ask him.

Timbela plans to join forces with the renegade mage, Aidan.

King Wesley has been dealing with priests from San Wan.