The People and Customs

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Before you stands a small, lively fellow with golden skin, "Haya," comes his friendly greeting. Skin, hair, even his eyes have a metallic sheen. He has the pointed ears of an elf, but no elf would dress in so gaudy a fashion. Bright, loose clothing, with patterns in gleaming gold, is accented by a profusion of sparkling, colorful jewelry. A shimmering, golden scarf entwined with multi-colored beads is elaborately wrapped around his head. You have just encountered a Glimmer.

If you play a Glimmer character, you must use gold face make-up. Pointed ears are optional; some Glimmers have them, some don't. You can have any hair color - try adding some metallic streaks. You could even wear metallic contact lenses, but it's not required. Glimmers favor colorful, comfortable clothing. Both sexes wear sarongs and skirts, with golden threads or designs. Fabrics designated as "dragon cloth" are highly prized. Vibrantly colored scarves are very popular. Pour on the glitz!

Flamboyant and gregarious, Glimmers thrive on being the center of attention. Their love of precious metals and shining gems, anything that glitters and catches the light, is quite obvious. They always make sure they stand out in a crowd.


The Current Glimmer Culture

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