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BTL-related links

Irene Radford's Homepage A fantastic author who was kind enough to let us steal a lot of ideas when we were creating the game

LARP-related links

The Crucible Homepage Crucible Chronical. Live Action vampire game. Mike's Site

Larp.com A list of Live-Action Role Playing sites, including ours!

SCA Just in case you didn't know where to find this.

Realms II is a live-action role playing game that uses a boffer system to simulate combat. Portland area.

Costuming Links

Dressing for Faire Garb patterns, costuming tips and information, lots of good links

The SCRIBE NetworkA nifty FAQ on costuming Loin sent us. Though it is geared toward the SCA who are rather stricter than we are.

The Garb Bag Everything you ever wanted to know about anachronistic clothing

Patterns of Time Patterns, patterns, patterns, 80 pages of them from Medieval through the '50s, and cloak clasps. If you want to sew your own costume this is the place to start.

Mystic Caravan YES. We LIKE this place. Imagine a caravan of traders bearing thousands of wonderful things that just happened to stop in your livingroom.

Chivalry Sports A great place to buy anachronistic items and get costume ideas

The League Of Renaissance Merchants EVERYTHING. I mean it, this place covers everything.

Dragonfly Design Studio More costuming. Located in Salem, OR

Raven's LARP resource page Dental Acrylic Vampire fangs

Lady Guendalina's Closet Go here if you're looking for useful fitting and trims for garb, or just for good garb ideas

Weaponry-from Boffers to Hard Steel

By The Sword A great place to see recreations of medieval weaponry

BudK Lots of swords and knives and...stuff

Imperial Weapons Swords, daggers, knives and martial arts equipment

Shadowwalker's Chainmail Armor and Accoutrements Everything chainmail, with wonderful selection

Museum Replicas This page is full of authentic garb, weapons, and other fun stuff. Look here for good costume ideas (and GREAT boots, if you can find them).

Foamforge Makers of boffer weapons, as well as some Nero race accessories that sound interesting. No pics yet though.

Anything's PossibleGear for LARPs!

LARPware.com Your one stop shopping center for all your Live Action Role Playing needs.

BTL players' homepages
Riewolf's Den Rhiannon's Site

Loni's Virtual Haven Loni's Site

I Believe Brandi's Site

Primal's Mind Beth's Site

Juliet's Site. Beautiful desktop Themes

Trolls, Gnomes, and stuff. Deborah's Site

Useful and Interesting Links
Aftermidnight Art Rubber stamps Great line of rubber stamps- they even have our Biccle! And more fantasy stamps coming soon!

Infinite Fish worth checking out. We used some of their graphics.

Alchemy a few of the ways in which we can look at alchemy

A Boke of Gode Cookery A compilation of Medieval recipes from authentic sources adapted for the 21st century kitchen

Mead Made Easy Lots of recipes

La Boheme Order Absinthe

Chapel Perilous Order Absinthe

Orycon Hope to see you there!

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