Glimmer Legend as told by Draz Iwitna

          There was once an elven princess of great beauty. A terrible demon kidnapped the princess, to keep prisoner in its fortress for all eternity.

          A little fey, a little Nilbog, came along and saw that the Demon was keeping the princess prisoner. For a Nilbog there was no greater crime then to keep another prisoner, so the little Nilbog decided to rescue the princess.

          Now, the Nilbog was small, and not very powerful. The Demon was mighty and had many servants brought from the demonlands. But the little Nilbog was clever and tricky, so he looked for a way around the Demon's defenses.

          He looked and looked, searched and searched, for many days. Finally he found what he was looking for, a tiny hole in the walls of power surrounding the Demon, and the little Nilbog slipped through.

          He crept past the sentries and around the wards and made it to the princess. The little nilbog began leading the Princess from the Demon's stronghold, but the Demon soon noticed that the princess was missing, and soon, the Demon came looking for her.

          The Demon found them and rose up in all its fury and power and demanded "Give me back my Princess, or suffer my wrath". Then the little Nilbog did something the Demon could not understand, something that a creature of deepest evil like the Demon was unable to prepare for.

          Even knowing that he could not possibly fight the Demon, the little Nilbog refused, "No," he said "I won't let you have her". For the little Nilbog had fallen in love with the princess.

          The Demon was dumbfounded. A tiny, weak fey was defying it. In that moment the little Nilbog saw its chance.

          The little hole the Nilbog had come in through was actually the conduit for the Demons power, a link with the Demonlands. And while not possessed of any great power, or terrible strength the nilbogs had a unique talent, that of opening gates and portals, and thatís just what the little Nilbog did.

          In it's moment of shock the Demon had let down it's defenses and the little Nilbog opened up the gate to the Demonlands sucking the Demon and it's servants back from whence they came, and the little Nilbog and the Princess too.

          The Demon was horrified, it hated the demonlands and wanted desperately to return to Ereth. It begged the little Nilbog to open the gate again, but the little Nilbog refused. It offered the Nilbog anything it desired, and the little Nilbog said "Very well, I will bring you back, but you must promise to protect my people and never do them harm, and you must give up the Princess".

          The Demon quickly agreed, and the little Nilbog opened up the gate again. The Princess and the Nilbog stepped through first and then the Demon began to step through. But the Nilbog didn't trust the Demon and he closed the gate on the Demon casting it into the emptiness between the worlds, all but a tiny whisp of the demon was cast away. The whisp floated off and to this day none know what became of it.

          The Princess and the little Nilbog got married and had many children, and those children became the Glimmer race.

          Well, that's the story. It's a different version from the one usually told, and taught. An older version actually, but many scholars consider it to be from questionable sources, I've always liked it though, I hope you did too.

Draz Iwitna

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