The Kingdom of Magoria

The People and Their Customs

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Magoria is an oligarchy. It is ruled by four families: the Bestroika, Yataslav, Laxnessu, and the Shostakov. The eldest member of each house is known as a prime. At the top of the vampyre social structure are the primes and the high priestesses of Lialu. Second are the members of the four ruling houses and the hierarchy of the church. Next in line are the members of the 12 noble houses.

The commoners are mostly slaves, usually humans, but some other races also reside in Magoria. Human slavery is accepted in Magoria as the norm. Slaves who escape to other countries are usually hunted down. Altoria offers haven to runaway slaves. Lastly, there are the thralls and zombies.

Marriages in Magoria are arranged by parents for their children at a very early age. True love is very rare and is usually considered scandalous. When a human dies in Magoria, a private funeral service is held by the family, then the body is given to the priests and priestesses of Lialu for cremation (or fouler things).

Humans and others living in Magoria are pretty much happy with the way the country is run. Even the slaves have a pretty easy life, they are usually artisans and their work is valued and respected. They also have more free time than people in other kingdoms. Consequently, more families spend time with each other and can be seen picnicking on holidays.

There is a certain amount of fear though. Although it is an honor for a family to have one of it's own chosen to 'serve' the rulers, no one wants to actually serve them. On the other hand, they don't have to do dirt work, because the zombies and thralls do that. Those who are not Vampyre try not to think too much about the zombies and thralls.

Magorian Law

The Noble Families

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