The Rovers

The People and Their Customs

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As the imposing couple enters the tavern, the drifter loitering near the back door slips out quietly. You overhear the man at the next table say softly, "I pray they be not on a vengeful mission."

"We'll have your finest brandy." His brusque statement is more an order than a request. She flings her shawl, stitched with gold and silver, onto a nearby chair. Layers of necklaces, bracelets, and rings jingle in the sudden quiet of the tavern. Their dangling earrings gleam in the light.

Their physical traits, hair and skin color, do not set them apart from other humans, yet they are different. Unflinching, kohl rimmed eyes gaze at you resolutely. His are shadowed in deep purple, hers in bright turquoise matching the stones in her silver necklace. On anyone else it would seem garish, but with the stylized wolf tattooed on his cheek and the jeweled ornaments adorning her temples, it merely sets them apart as Rovers.

Their love of intense color shows in the luxurious silks, satins and velvets of their clothing. They are resplendent in full, gathered pants and full sleeved shirts. The woman has layered skirts; red, green, blue, and purple. Both are bedecked in elaborate patchwork vests, heavy with embroidery. He swaggers imperiously, his fine sword held by an ornate silver corded baldric. Everything about them speaks of their audacity and arrogance. They accept the deference of the tavern patrons as their due. They are nothing if not brash and haughty. There is no mistaking a Rover.


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