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Juliet as a forest elf.

Juliet again, this time as a Magorian. Doesn't she look good with fangs?

Eamon, aged and ancient.

Brandi as a fairy lady... ooh!
Deborah tweaked this picture in Photoshop for us.

Kenji, a brave Elf Warrior.

Here we have Deborah being a
Very Fierce Ogress.

This man has a very large sword.

Beth playing sweet innocent Lucinda.

Now Deborah is an Orc!

The Fae in this world are unique... here is one of them.

And yet another player, this one a nobleman named Pronatos

Caleb playing Ykirt, the local Glimmer who runs the gaming tables in the Murky Brew Tavern.

Eek! An evil Goblin, one of the bad bad creatures (Eamon - same thing).

Generic horned thingie/satyr wonderfully played by Paul.

Just a bit too much mead for these two - Pantar the Barbarian (Guy) and Indira the Rover (Brandi).

Deborah as a Mushroom Fairy,
another one of the Fey.

Young Prince Tabron preparing for battle.

Another Eamon pic - he looks good in that cowl and scowl, doesn't he?.

The Lady Timbela, a friend of Pantar's... joined by Prince Tabron and one of the Fae.

Ooh, the terror... such evilness, such villainy Gotta love it.

Valient Scott, battling against insurmountable odds... err... actually, he was just fighting Eamon.

The Dread Pirate Westley... Cap'n Mordan himself (our wonderful Mike).

The local Ambiance, hard at work somewhere near
our online tavern, the Murky Brew.
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