This is excerpted from the thirty-second scroll of Quidornox-Ra the Great Qabaran Prophet.

          There will come a time when a Halfbreed shall be born whom may come to unite the world. The Halfbreed will be born of the Warmakers and the Exalted Race of the OtherWorld

          The Halfbreed will be born during the time when the Great Soul slumbers in innocence, and when the Great Soul is bent to the will of the most powerful of Those Banished from the OtherWorld and the power of the Great Soul is used to corrupt death at the Crossroads, the Halfbreed Child will be stolen from the one who birthed it.

          If ever again thereafter the Great Soul is bent to the will of corruption another Halfbreed will be born, and when the Great Soul is used to corrupt death again, the Child will be taken from the one who birthed it again.

          The Child will be sought by many, and if those who seek it's destruction recover it the Unification will fail until another Halfbreed is born.

          If the Halfbreeds of the Stolen World gain the Child the Opening of the Gates will begin.

          If the Descendant of the Dark Wanderers can retrieve the Great Soul from Corruption, he will be appointed Gaurdian of the Halfbreed by the Dark Wanderers.

          If the Descendant, or the Seers from the Desert become the Gaurdians of the Child, the Child will learn the way to power and will bring about the Unification, and the Halfbreed will control it, but many lives will be lost.

          If Exalted Race take the Child they will bring about they Unification, but they will control it, and the much of Stolen World will fall under the power of the Exalted Race.

          If the Child is taken by any of the Others, they will come to control the Unification, but at the cost many lives on both sides.

          If the Child is kept from all Factions by a Hero from the Stolen World the Unifaction will be delayed until another Halfbreed is born, and the Opening of the Gates will wait from the Children of Those Whom Were Never Saved

          The Unification will return harmony and balance to the Stolen world. The Wars for control of the Stolen World will end, but the Natives of the Stolen World will die, unless the Natives control the Unification, in which case the Natives who control the Unification will be the only ones to survive.