The Isle of Gallan

The People and Customs

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The Wild Elves are the most reclusive inhabitants of the Elven land, in fact, some races even doubt they exist at all.

The Wild Elves inhabit the island of Gallan, some miles off the Elven Coast. Gallan is a harsh, rocky island that is frequently rocked by severe storms. It has few natural harbors, which the Wild Elves jealously guard. Their trade is done through their Sea Elf cousins and Gallan often acts as a haven for Sea Elf vessels damaged in battles with Magorian vessels.

It is rare for a Wild Elf to leave the island, they detest sea travel. The most common cause for a Wild Elf to leave Gallan is fear for his or her life, though the occasional mage seeking new knowledge or warrior seeking a wider reputation have been known to do so. However, Wild Elves have very little knowledge of the laws and customs of other races.

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