Land of the Ogres

Supplement for Better Than Life

Live action Role-playing Game

The towering mountains of the Dwarven Kingdoms rise to the east of the fertile plains and valleys inhabited by the humans, elves, and Magyars. They bar even the life giving rains easy access to Qabara, the stark yet beautiful desert home of the Ogres. To the north are the cold, harsh lands of the barbarian lords. To the south, the Wild Lands, uncivilized and hostile. The lands of Qabara stretch eastward to the boundaries of the great unknown, the uncharted areas beyond which none have explored.

The arid deserts of Qabara encompass desolate volcanic plains, rocky uplands, deep canyons, rugged mountain slopes, and vast steppes. The steppes, green in spring, support the Al-Nisrae with their herds of naughas and horses. They are the nomadic Ogre tribes that still cling to "the old ways". They are tolerated by the Qatchah because without the Al-Nisrae he could not keep his caravan routes open. Merchants, under the protection of the Al-Nisrae clans, travel the ancient, often dangerous, caravan routes between the cities of Qabara. They also serve as border guards, protecting the kingdom from attacks by outsiders.

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