Dear Sage,
          I am happy to report that I have recently managed to decipher a large portion of the unfinished prophecy of Quidornox-Ra, thanks in no small part to information you provided. I have also gleaned some information from, and about, his thirty-second prophecy, and one of the prophecy of Quidorach Gerdrik, the one about the Opening of the Gates. I have also been in close contact with certain members of the Mage's Guild, and a few other professors here at U of O. This is what we've put together about the prophecies.

          First of all, some of the events described are fairly definitely going on now. We are quite certain that the Stolen World is Ereth, we have yet to figure out why, but certain other prophecies have refered to things we know have already happened on Ereth as happening on the Stolen World. I also continue to believe that the Widower God is Toran, as do most expert I've talked to. We are fairly certain that the first condition of the unfinished prophecy has indeed come to pass, actually more then just the first condition, but I'll get to that.

          Next off, we are pretty sure that the boy with the Great Soul was young Troy whom was sent to Haefen not that long ago and has recently been killed. We believe that some other force has now taken Troy's Soul and is indeed wielding it. With all the Goblin activity around Haefen recently they seem the most likely culprits.

          We are also confident that Haefen is the Crossroads of the Stolen World. We have suspected this for a while and it's been confirmed through our identifying the Spirit Caller Whom's Tower stands at the Crossroads of the Stolen World, who is actually Alodar. I've been corresponding with Alodar recently and discovered that he fufilled certain other prophecies which referred to the Spirit Caller.

          It seems pretty obvious that the Leeches of the Stolen World is refering to the Magorians, and I recently sent a letter to the Cybil asking about the unfinished prophecy and she agreed with me. We think Natives of the Stolen World is a generic term for all the races on Ereth.

          Though OtherWorld is a somewhat generic term in most prophecies we think it's referring to Lothavalon, the world of the Fae, in most of the Quidornox-Ra prophecies, and the Quidorach Gerdrik prophecies as well.

          We also suspect that the Beast mentioned may have been the undead creature that was released in Haefen last summer. According to the Quidorach Gerdik the Great Warder of the Wander People was Zardo, the mage who had imprisoned the beast under Haefen. From what I've heard some of the adventurers there used magical spring water to defeat the beast, which sounds suspicously like quenching the beasts power, so we may already be on that fork of the prophecy.

          The Dark Wanderers are probably the Tinerans, the Rovers are usaully referred to as the Wanderers or the Wandering People, and the Tinerans are the probably the darkest clan metaphorically speaking anyway. The Descendent of the Dark Wanderers could be just about any Tineran, so we'll just have to wait and see if any show up, though there ought to be one around all ready. If there is I have yet to hear about.

          So far we have no real idea who the Children of Those Whom Were Never Saved are, or the Child of the Vessel of the Savior's Killer.

          As for the Halfbreed prophecy, we know that the Warmakers are the Elves. A lot of prophecies call them that. The usual interpretation of that prophecy is that this Halfbreed will either become the ruler of Ereth, or put a ruler in place who will rule the world and put an end to all wars by killing everybody but the race that raises him or her.

          I have heard that such a Halfbreed has been born to an elf, and that it was abducted recently. I've attempted to contact Quidorach about it but haven't been able to for quite a while, no seems to know what happened to him.

          We still don't really understand the Opening of the Gates thing. It's been referred to in various other prophecies, but so far there's only the one actually about the event. It sounds to me like something we should try to bring about, but I'm not sure how. I don't know who Those Whom Were Banished from the OtherWorld are, or who Those who Gaurd the Gates, or the Servants of the Fates. I do now suspect that the Guardian of the Wielder of the Great Soul may be either a Goblin or a Demon, since it's probably either a Goblin or Demon who is the Wielder at this point, of course the Gaurdian could also be a Goblin Shaman's pet aneyh for all I know.

          I hope I can have more figured out soon, please let me know if you uncover any pertinent information.

Yours Truly,
Ecklast Fidovan

PS: you may want to show this letter to some of the other people around town, if they get personally involved in the prophecies it might allow them to figure out more of whats going on and/or decipher more of the prophecies.