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All the known inhabitants of the Old Forest are members of the three Forest Elf tribes. Each of the three tribes has claimed a portion of the Forest and will spare no effort to track down and expel those who invade their territory, including members of other tribes.

Of the three tribes the Bavall, who host a yearly trade fair, are the most likely to travel to other lands of their free will. In fact, the tribe's elders encourage the younger elves to experience the outside world for a time.

The Valios tribe also encourages its' warriors to travel during the brief periods when the tribe is not at war, they also trade with merchant caravans on occasion.

In contrast the Nathireun tribe discourages such travels, though when not fighting the Valios Nathireun warriors frequently guard the Coast Road for their Sea Elf cousins.

All three tribes will banish criminals on occasion, and elves who suffer banishment often migrate into Altoria, finding no welcome among dwarves or any group of elves. This has contributed to the rather unfortunate reputation elven mercenaries have in Altoria.

Most forest elves who travel to Altoria are warriors who turn to mercenary work to pay the bills. However, few, even those forced to take up permanent residence, ever really give up their own ways. Which is why it is important that you read this book and have at least a general idea what in contains. After all, one never knows when information can come in useful.

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