The Justis Chronicles, Part III

The World of Justis

      In days gone, Justis walked among his people in this world we live in. And Justis saw his people, and they saw him. And the People of Justis ran away, for they were frightened that Justis would do something to them.
      Justis saw that things were too calm. "Things are too calm," he said, in his limited wisdom. And the People of Justis agreed, for it had been long since they were last able to wreak havoc with the children of the other gods.
       "Things are way too calm," said one of his people.
      And Justis spake unto the one, saying, "Shut up." And his people did beat and throw heavy objects at the one, for he had been answered by Justis, a privilege that he had bestowed upon few. And Justis did smile, for he never did like that one. And because Justis had an idea.
      Justis spake unto his people, saying, "My people, I have an idea." And the People of Justis did cringe, for the last time Justis had had an idea, three of the People of Justis had died, and the fourth was still stuck on the wall. And Justis said, "No, this one will be safe." And the People of Justis did sigh in relief, for they were fools enough to believe their master.
      "My people, I have seen this world you live in, and I weep for you and your suffering." And Justis did grin, for he didn't really mean it. But he continued, saying, "I see you suffering while trying to spread the teachings of Justis in a world with people of closed minds, who refuse to see things the way they are and should be." And neither Justis nor his people caught the great irony in this statement.
      "These people you must speak to have such limited minds that they cannot grasp the depth of my wisdom, and as such cannot follow it." And the people of Justis did cheer, for their master had just spoken a complex sentence, and they were proud of him.
      And Justis did gesture for silence among his people. And his people did frown, for Justis had not chosen the correct gesture, if you know what I mean. But Justis went on anyway, saying, "There shall be time for celebration later. I was talking.
      "My people, I have come to a decision; I shall create for you a world in which my teachings rule and are law." And the People of Justis had mixedfeelings about this, but they cheered anyway.
      And so Justis went on to create a world for his people, a World of the Mind. A world where chaos ruled and his people were happy. It was a world of no logic except that which came from Justis. All said, it was a world of no logic. It was also a land where animals with cloven hooves did not exist.
      In time, the People of Justis had all come to live in this World of the Mind. And Justis did establish certain things. He spoke unto his people, saying, "This is so, and this is not so." And the people of Justis did scratch their heads in confusion, for Justis had not specified what was and was not so.
      And so the people of Justis guessed at what was and was not so. And they finally established a complete World of the Mind, with the help and guidance of Justis. And the People of Justis had great headaches, for Justis lived with them in this world.
      And the people of other gods didn't really care too much about this.
      And so the lands of Ereth have been mostly peaceful for months, as Justis has been living in his own little world for quite some time now.

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