Lialu Shall Protect You

as taught to her followers by the High Priestess, Riemara, of Joyfullness Temple

      First, at the beginning of each day in which you want the protection of Lialu, you must disrobe completely and whisper Her name, three times. Promise fealty to Her, and speak to Her then of your plans for the day and why you need Her protection.
      Tell Her where you are, and invoke the ritual phrase:

'I honor Thee, great Goddess, protect me, Thy child, this day'

      This will help Her to keep track of you, and to remember how you have aided Her. She has many many children and duties, and will likely forget otherwise.
      Also, if you want Her to protect you with any strength or effectiveness, you must Attune yourself to Her Energies. If the favor you ask is a very great one, She will not grant it if your spirit is too far removed from Her.
      To truly stay Attuned to Lialu, you must, once per week, make love to another living being. The act of love is the most sacred thing in the world to Our Goddess, and the Energies of love will surround you, and bring you closer to Her. This closeness only lasts for a week at a time though, and must be constantly renewed. After your lovemaking each week, speak to Her as described above, and invoke the ritual phrase:

'I honor Thee, great Goddess, and I remember Thee when I love'

      Also, on your moon-blood, you can Attune yourself to Lialu further and more lastingly (thereby increasing your own protection) by washing some of your feminine blood into the earth and invoking the ritual phrase:

'I honor Thee, great Goddess, and as I am Woman, like Thee, with the power to Create, like Thee, I wish to share with Thee the blood of my womb, to further attune my spirit to Thine.'

      It is best to consume alcohol after this, for a more heightened effect. This Attunement lasts for about a month, but each connsecutive enactment of it will be slightly stronger than the last.
      Should you do all of these things regularly, She will most gladly protect you from harm. Lialu is a very protective Mother, you'll find, if you avail yourself to all She has to give.

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