The Prophecies of Sybil Lunai

An autobiographical account of a prophetess and the life of one of Ereth's most gifted seers.


It pleases me greatly to know that I, a humble daughter of house Uvzkitch am now able to reach the eyes, ears, and hearts of all mother-ereth's children.

I was born with an amazing gift. I was blessed by the fates with the ability of insight and foresight. Many people have said that they have spiritual guardians.

. . I have three.

My visions come to me without warning. I have not the ability to "Turn-Off" the gift. When a portent arrives it is as if I were no longer part of this reality at all, but rather in another place entirely, but the fates are always there. They show me exactly what it is that needs to be seen or listened to.

Some people have faith in their gods or goddesses, but there are forces of nature that are outside the control of the god's will, and they are fate and fortune. Even the power of the gods is not infallable. There is a higher power than even them. . . as for just what this power is, I do not know. But I do know it is there, for the fates have showen it to me (just once), and it was an experience that I will not soon forget.

Do not misunderstand, I am not saying to stop beliveing in your gods or to start worshiping the fates, But I do want the world to know that for every fish in the ocean there is always a larger more impressive one. I do hope that you will find my experiences entertaining at least, and moving at best.

With love and true light of the fates.
Sybil Lunai Adronova Uvzkitch, governeress of Olympia,
Queen of the Barishites, and loving mother of three.


Chapter one, the early years.

I was born into a barbarian family, some 250 years ago in what is now the "disputed" lands. My mother and father were simple folk. My father was the blacksmith of our tribe, and my mother was renowned outside of our tribe for her battle prowess.

During the winter of my first year my mother took me to the shamen for my nameing ceremony. My mother presented me to the shamen and to the rest of the tribe gathered within the shamen's longhouse. The shamen placed me upon the ground and presented me with an array of artifacts. Normally, a child will choose one. . . I chose 3.

The objects I chose were; a staff made of winterwood, a sacred bowl with the waters of Willane, and an orange that quickly turned red upon my touch.

The shamen informed my parents and the tribe that I was a special child destined for great things. . . and he was frightened, for he continued and related my future.

The staff indicated that I would be a "ruler" of the north, and that I was to be of fair complexion. The bowl indicated that I was to be associated with the moon and with the arts of divination. The orange meant that I was destined to one day become a Magyr, detested by my people.

Were it not for the fact I was to be a seer and a ruler, the shamen and tribe would have killed me outright. The shamen then turned to the assembled crowed and said. "Her name will be Lunai, gift of the moon." for I was born on the night of the full moon.

Time passed by slowly during those days. I can still remember going away on hunting parties with my mother and the other hunters, or ore collecting with my father. However, it would all soon come to an end.

On my tenth birthday, I recieved my first vision. I saw three women. One old, one at adulthood, and one in youth. They told me to not be afraid, but that my life would soon greatly change. Boldly, I asked them to what end, and they showed me. I saw my entire village enslaved and massacred by the Magorians, then an image of me holding an otter skin and two leather pouches.

I asked why, and they said there is a purpose for this. It could be avoided, if our shamen repented to our tribe's totem (the otter) for taking away food from his children. (Our shamen had the habit of eating freshwater clams.)

The three then told me that I am blessed, and that no matter the outcome I would be safe. I did not know what to do. . . so I went to ask my father for his opinion. He said that matters of religion should be none of my concern, and that a shamen's station is a man's station.

Dissatisfied with the response I recieved from my father, I went to my mother and asked her what to do. She became greatly concerned. She took me by the hand and we went to the door of the shamen's lodge. My mother gathered the rest of the tribe, and bade me tell the tribe what I saw. Several people laughed and another asked to what proof I had. I pointed to an empty pile of shells by the Shamen's front door.

The shamen laughed at me and said, "Foolish girl. If Otter wanted to punish me or show me something, he would show me himself."

It was at that moment that the first Magorian arrow struck our shamen, and he was the first to die. The fighting started immediately, and I hid inside of the shamen's hut, until no more battle sounds could be detected. With curiosity I grabbed an otterskin from the shamen's alter, and two small leather bags from its side.

I then decided that it was safe to go outside to investigate. I saw many people dead, and my mother and father nowhere to be found. As I walked through the village I tripped over the corpse of a Magorian. The otterskin landed on my head and both pouches spilled there contents over me and the corpse. As I pulled myself up I noticed the taste of blood upon my lips. I had accidentily gotten some of this magorian's blood in my mouth. I felt odd yet good at the same time. I would later find out, that this was the means of my "condition".

After a day or so I began to feel sick, I was all alone and weak. Then a rabbit popped by and I figured I would catch it and eat it if nothing else. As I got closer I could "feel" its warmth. I wanted that warm feeling. I willed myself to feel warm. I then heard the rabbit shriek, and watched it drop dead. However, I soon felt much better. I didn't feel cold, or hungry at all.

On the second day I found the tracks of the magorians and the survivors of my village. The path lead southwest in the direction of the "civilized" lands. I thought. . that's where I must go. I must go to the civilized lands. ======================== end part one:

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