The Justis Chronicles

by Jeffory of Waitson

At the beginning of time, there were the gods. And the gods created their people and were happy. The god's people worshiped them and made sacrifices of animals with cloven hooves and great harvests unto them, saying, "Who is like our god? Who is above him?" And the gods were pleased.

But there was one man who would not worship a god. He would give no sacrifices. He would watch the others around him saying, "Who is like your god? Who cares?" He spake unto the people saying, "Do you not realize that your gods of order and happiness could not exist without one of chaos? Why do none worship a god of chaos?" And he was driven from his home by the others, who weilded pitchforks and torches and animals with cloven hooves. And the animals revolted and killed those weilding them. Some things, it appears were not meant to be weilded.

This man, by the name of Truint, ran across the land, seeking shelter from the elements. He could find no shelter in the villages of others, as they too chased him away with pitchforks and torches, but not animals with cloven hooves. Word had spread from other villages of both Truint's heresy and the danger of weilding animals with cloven hooves. And the gods rejoiced, for their people had learned quickly.

Truint ran, from all corners of the earth, finding no shelter, none who would take him in. He ran until he came to a forested area. And in the forested area, he found one who appeared as a man. The one who appeared as a man spake unto Truint, saying, "Why do you run, man? What is there to fear?"

And Truint spake unto the one who appeared as a man and said, "I fear those in the villages who come after me with pitchforks and torches." The ones weilding animals with cloven hooves were no longer a threat, it seemed. "They chase me away in fear that I will corrupt their beliefs in their feeble gods. They do not realize that nothing good will come from such a practice. When they worship those who bring order and peace, they forget that those things could not exist without chaos."

The one who appeared as a man was pleased. He spake unto Truint, saying, "You are wise, young man. You are worthy of much that I can promise unto you. I shall give you power for your wisdom and fealty, for I am Justis, the god of chaos." And Justis was revealed for what he was, one of malevolent forces and misinformation. Justis appointed Truint as his high priest and the two travelled throughout the land, spreading their beliefs and chaos across the world.

But the other gods were not pleased with the work of Justis and Truint. Their people would come to them in fear after their gods had scolded them. After they had already commited great crimes, they would say unto their gods, "But we heard that there was an ambush and we had to kill them." And the gods smacked their mighty foreheads in dismay, for they new this was the work of Justis.

So there was a mighty war, with the people of the gods versus the people of Justis. And the people of the gods won, for the people of Justis were relatively few. The people of Justis were captured and forced to submit to the will of the priests of the gods, for they were held as criminals. But the people of Justis did not show up to trial, and the people of the gods were forced to sentence them to the mythical Great Mines of Sodium Deposits.

As the people continued their lives, they came to a point that they had to capture Truint, the great high priest of Justis. When questioned, he claimed he was an honest and forthright man, doing the honorable thing above all else. When he had convinced his captors of his forthrightness, he became invisible and slew the men who captured him while they slept.

And so he fled.

Justis and his high priest Truint are rumored to still be alive and wandering about the lands of Ereth, seeking those who are easily manipulated. And to this day, people the world over are heard to be remarking, after a great tragedy (or demon posession) had occured, that indeed, "It was Justis."

And there was much rejoicing.

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