The Calling of Lialu

as taught to her followers by the High Priestess, Riemara, of Joyfullness Temple

      From ancient times until today, those who call Lialu must come forth pure of heart and of good intentions. If these two elements are not the basis of the calling, she will not come.
      First, you must have these elements:

a loaf of beer bread,
candles to light the four corners (N, E, S, & W) about your person,
incense (usually vanilla musk and rose),
and a small altar.

One must wear red (in particular a red velveteen skirt if available).

      Now with all these elements in your possession, you may begin by placing the candle posts at the four corners North, East South and West. Place the candles in their holders and light them as you make a circle clockwise.
      Now annoint your feet with a bit of beer and step into the circle with the rest of your items in hand. First set down the altar facing North. On the left of the altar place the beer bread. On the right of the altar place the beer. In the center of the altar place the incense and light a stick of each scent.
       Wash your feet again in the beer, then stand and chant:

"By the tree of life borne
I call thee, Lialu!
From your deepest roots planted in the underdark
To your highest place as goddess of all
I bessech you!
I am your childe-- your follower.
Come to me at this altar as I come to you.
I offer you the holiest of lights,
the finest of drink and bread,
I offer you the sweetest smells of Ereth.
I have annointed my feet to stand in your presence,
My Queen, find the light I have ignited in your name!
Complete this circle and be my guide
on this impending quest; in your honor.
Come to me in my hour of need, dear Lialu!
I call thee Lialu...Lialu...Lialu!

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