Dragons are horrible monsters that ravage our countryside. Ugly, scaled creatures with enormous wings and deadly talons, they will swoop down from the skies and devour you. They are especially fond of eating fair maidens and helpless children. They are purely evil, spawn of some malevolent god that hates all peoples of Ereth. This scourge must be eradicated. All dragons should be killed on sight.
      They live in deep caverns filled with the gold and gems they have looted from their victims. Foul, sulfurous fumes emanate from these lairs. The entrance and all within are covered in poisonous dragon slime. If you touch any of their treasure it will burn the flesh from your hands. If a dragon lair is found it should be blocked up so as to trap the dragon. It is no use to fight them. If a man were to use a common sword or lance, the blood of the dragon would instantly corrode it and cause it to shatter. They can only be slain with a sword that is magicked against them. The dragons are impervious to fire, so it is of no use in combating them. They are not susceptible to poisons.
      All dragons can breath fire and spit venom. White dragons can breath an icy breath that will freeze a man instantly. Black dragons can turn you to stone with a touch. All dragons can hypnotize you with their gaze. Do not look them in the eye. They can mesmerize you with their speech. Do not listen to their words.
      Dragons can speak the common language, but you must never listen to what they say. They will trick you and then devour you. Dragons use their magical powers to mesmerize so that you will not know to run away from them.
      Dragons can shapeshift and will often appear as kindly travelers who wish only conversation. They are fond of riddles, so if a traveler begins to ask you riddles do not trust him, for he will then mesmerize you. You can sometimes tell them by the colour of their eyes. Dragon eyes are frequently gold or purple or red. If you meet a traveler with clouded eyes, he may be a dragon in disguise. This is a trick they use to mask their eye colour.
      They can read your thoughts and know what you intend before you know it yourself. They can put thoughts into your head and force you to do unspeakable acts. This they find much pleasure in.
      They have powers to equal the fates and can restore life to the dead and grant wishes. But always at a high price. Never trust a dragon.

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