Foreword By Eclask Fidodvin,
Chronicler of Prophecy at the University of the Occult;

      The text included here is believed to be a copy of one of the lost scrolls of Prophecy quilled by Quidornox-Ra, the great Qabaran Prophet. Quidornox-Ra is famous as being one of the most accurate and unambiguous Prophets to have ever lived. In addition to his known Prophecies the are thought to be thirty four lost scrolls. Late in his life Quidornox-Ra went into seclusion in a small shrine in the Qabaran desert, he brought only a single young attendant with him. Nothing was heard about Quidornox-Ra until forty years later, when his attendant was found wandering the desert by one of the nomadic tribes of Al-Nisrae. The attendant said that the shrine had been attacked by Goblins, and Quidornox-Ra ordered him to flee. When the shrine was examined it had been emptied of all the scrolls of Prophecy that Quidornox-Ra had written, and Quidornox-Ra himself was found dead. In the years since his death these scrolls been occasionally recovered from Goblins.

      This particular scroll was recovered from the Shaman of the (now destroyed) All Seeing Eye tribe of Goblins. I believe that it is the thirty fourth scroll written by Quidornox-Ra as it seems to be unfinished, and it has always been thought that the final scroll was unfinished. Unfortunately some words, and indeed entire passages, are illegible due to the age and poor treatment of the scroll.

      In any case, here is a transcription of the thirty fourth scroll of Prophecy quilled by Quidornox-Ra;

      In the final years of the reign of the Pretender to the Church of the Widower God, and false ruler of the Kingdom of the Masked One a boy shall be born who is possessed of a Great Soul with the potential for power far beyond death. This soul shall call to the magics of Necromancy and to the denizens of the OtherWorlds.

      If the boy is kept from the leech of the Faey'Rie, he shall be protected by the Trainer of the Wild Mage. He will then be set upon the Path to Glory, and gain dominion over the Realm of Death but be forever lost to the world of his birth.

      If the boy is sent to the OtherWorld to seek the GodTheif his soul will be watched over by the Descendant of the Dark Wanderers. The Descendant shall also be granted power from the dead to aid in his quest.

      When the Great Soul's Wielder is no longer a boy it's power shall become greater than that of Spirit Caller Whom's Tower Stands at the Crossroads of the Stolen World, or the Greatest Power's of the Leeches of the Stolen World, and may in time surpass the greatest of the Natives of the Stolen World.

      The Great Soul's power may then be wielded against the Beast whom Foiled the Great Warder of the Wandering People, if the Beast is Subdued those Banished From the OtherWorld shall break the Shackles of their Saviors and become the Tyrants of a Thousand Thousand Worlds.

      If the Beast's power is quenched the body that holds the Great Soul must be immersed in the waters of the Idiot Spring before it's destruction, or it's Guardian shall use the Soul's Power to take the power of the Stolen World into itself and become the Tyrant of a Thousand Thousand Worlds.

      If the Guardian is sent to it's home before the Wielder of the Great Soul's power is destroyed those Banished From the OtherWorld shall break the Shackles of their Saviors and become the Tyrants of a Thousand Thousand Worlds.

      If the Great Soul is wrested from the Wielder but the Wielder’s body is not immersed in the Idiot Spring the only hope will be the children of Those Whom Were Never Saved.

      When the children of Those Whom Were Never Saved are brought to the Crossroads of the Stolen World, the Child of the Vessel of the Savior's Killer shall

      And there it ends. We may never know what more Quidornox-Ra intended to write, but we can attempt to decipher that which he was able to put down. I will give a brief run down of the terms which we at U of O think we know the meaning of, but keep in mind that we can not be sure about any of these interpretations.

      It is generally thought that "the Widower God" refers to Toran, as Toran's human wife died long ago(as any good Altorian should already know). Considering recent events we suspect that "the Pretender to the Church of the Widower God" was most likely the recently displaced High Priest.

      "OtherWorld" seems to be a general term used in many prophecies, not only those of Quidornox-Ra, refer quite simply to any world other then Ereth. It's meaning seems to broad to be any known world.

      The term "Stolen World" is used throughout Quidornox-Ra's prophecies, and in my personal opinion it refers to Ereth, though I can't say why. Some other noted scholars disagree with me however, and say that it is Lothavalon, the world of the fairies. A few even say the demonlands, but I've never quite been able to accept that. "The Stolen World" is at least closely connected to Ereth in some way, as it is often referred to when dealing with events that we know have taken place on Ereth.

      The "Tyrant(s) of a Thousand Thousand Worlds" seems relatively self explanatory. Several other well known prophecies use the term, we think it may be a somewhat generic term rather then always referring to the same group. Which is to say if you see it mentioned in another prophecy it may not have anything to do with this one.

      I couldn't really say in regards to any of the other terms. If anyone who sees this has any guesses as to what any terms might mean please let me know.

Best Wishes,
Eclask Fidodvin

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