Herbs for Lovecraft

collected lore compiled by Wren Little; hedgemage

Black Nightbane


      Found in graveyards and waste areas. It is best when collected from the graves of mages. The rootstock is shaped as a spindal and should be pulled, not dug. The hairy leaves are pale green tinged with purple. The funnel shaped flowers are sickly yellow with purple veins and bases. All parts exude a foul, decaying odor.

      If gathered in the early dawn by a naked man, standing on one foot, it can be used in amulets to attract a woman.

Prepare the amulet thusly:
      Take a square of white silk, 3 by 3 inches, place in the center 12 dried flowers of nightbane. Add 9 seed of coriander. Add 6 bits of rose quartzstone. Gather the corners of the cloth and tie round with white string 3 times. Knot each string 3 times while chanting;

Bring a woman here to me.
Make her love me. So it be.

Never ingest Devil's Eye or breathe its smoke. Even the fumes are deadly.

Sweet Balm

      The yellowgreen leaves are heart shaped. This plant may be used in all magics pertaining to the heart.
      The leaves can be up to 2-3 inches long and 1-2 inches across. The flowers grow in clusters at the angle between the stem and the leaf stalks. They are small, white, two lipped flowers that bloom in mid to late summer. When bruised, the plant smells of lemon.
      A tisane of the dried leaves is a mild sedative tea useful for insomnia and melancholy.
      To sooth a broken heart it may be used either as an infusion or added to the bathing water.
      Use in perfumes to attract lively lovers.

Night Willow Herb

      Found in waste places and along roadsides, it has 3 to 6 inch long tapered pointed leaves and lemon scented, yellow flowers with a stigma in the shape of the King cross. The flowers grow in spikes and open at dusk in late summer to early fall. They repel all forms of night creatures including those that would seduce the unsuspecting.

The scent of the flowers is repelling to Magorians.

      It has been used for sickening of the heart, especially if caused by an evil curse.
      Make an infusion using 1 teaspoon of the plant with 1 cup of fresh spring water. Take one cup a day, a mouthful at a time. Do not exceed this dosage or take more than one mouthful at a time or it may worsen the affliction.

Flowers last but one day. Pick at dusk.

Black Bountry

*All parts of the fresh plant can cause poisoning.*

      A shrub or tree from 5 to 30 feet high. It is usually found in damp areas. The bark is light brown near the bottom of the stem lightening to gray white higher up, stippled with warts. The leaves are dark green, about 4 inches long and finely serrated. In mid summer, highly fragrant tiny flowers, carried in umbels appear. The creamy colored flowers can be used to make a fine wine or can be used in brewing bear.
      Pick flowers at morning light and store in a covered bowl. Used as a base in brewing potions.

A Bountry tree planted outside a house will keep evil sorcerers at bay.

      Bountry trees are inhabited by Bountry Beldames. You must first attain her permission before the wood is cut or burned. They are partial to polished stones and can oft be bribed with such. Do not ignore or anger these Beldames or suffer dire consequences.

*Beware the Red Bountry*

Imp Nettle

      Imp nettle has a smooth, angular stem, 10 to 20 inches high. The leaves are 3 to 4 inches long and about an inch wide, they clasp the stem with their bases. The leaves are feather shaped and each segment is also formed like a tiny feather. The small flowers cluster at the tip of the plant in large flat heads. Imp nettle has rose-colored flowers used in magic charms and spells to cause lust or desire. Flowering time is late summer into the autumn.
      Imp Nettle used in charms has the power to keep someone bound to you for seven years.
      When used in brewing it makes a very potent drink, used as a base for the most powerful love potions.
      As a simple, it is useful in developing clairvoyant powers, especially if drunk each time one attempts o achieve a glimpse of the future.
      If seeking a vision of her future husband or lover, a girl must pluck a stalk of Imp Nettle from a young soldier's grave with these words;

"Sweet Imp Nettle, the first that I have found,
In the name of Belaia, I pluck from the ground.
As Thrain loved Thera, and took her for his dear,
So in my dreams, may my true love appear."

The Stalk of Imp Nettle should be sown into a square of white felt and placed under the pillow.

Dryad's Broom

      Dryad's broom is a shrub with slender stems and branches. The leaves are small, about one half to three quarters inch long, egg shaped, downy, and soft. The flowers are most plentiful from spring to mid-summer. It is best to gather them in full sun. They are bright yellow, growing from the angle between the stem and the branch. The fruit is contained within a brownish-black, shaggy pod containing 12-18 seeds.

Large doses of Dryad's Broom can cause fatal poisoning.

      The flowering tops, when smoked in a pipe, while seated in a Dryad's grove, will enable one to see all forms of fae creatures even those that have made themselves invisible.

*These Dyads may give you fine love potions if you grant them a boon.*

      When practicing the magical arts out of doors, it is good practice to sweep the surrounding area with Dryad's Broom to remove any negative forces that may be at work.

Black Withe

      Black withe has very dark, rough bark and leaves which often curve at the tip. The catkins are large, soft, grey, or pink.
      The catkins of black withe are anti-aphrodisiacs and sexual sedatives. Use an infusion of the bark or the catkins. This treatment can make one immune to most spells of a sexual nature or to creatures with powers of seduction.


      Heartwheat is found in fields and by roadsides. It has a yellow, spindle shaped taproot. This cannot be pulled but must be dug at daybreak with a wooden trowel. It has a smooth stem, 1 to 3 feet tall, with dark green, lance-like leaves with wavy margins. The lower leaves are much larger than the upper. The largest of the leaves grow directly from the base, six inches to one foot long. The upper leaves, on the flower stalk, are only about half as large. The flowers are greenish in colour, densely packed at the top of the stalk. The seeds are heart-shaped and when ripe turn a deep rich brown colour.
      The seeds, when the hulls have been removed, can be ground and then sifted to make flour used in enchanted cakes to induce lust. Flavor the cakes with coriander and honey.

Ripple Grass

      Ripple Grass is common in waste places, dooryards and roadsides. Its leaves are broad, have a thick footstalk. They are veined from the base to the tip. The flower stalks grow from 6-8 inches high tipped with slender spikes of greenish-white flowers. They flower from early summer to fall.
      It is commonly used to increase virility. All parts of the plant can be used in amulets and decoctions for this purpose.

Spot Alder

      The leaves are best gathered in fall along with the bark.
      A concoction of the leaves and bark is useful in making binding potions.
      Carry a sprig with you to relieve the pain of a broken heart. It will also keep the passions in check.

Red Rose

      The petals are a good addition to any love potion. Combine with root of ginger and with cumin seed to enhance luck in love and generate powerful passions.
Heart Mint

      Improves virility, stirs up lust. This makes a good addition to tisanes and decoctions. The pleasant flavor can cover the taste of more pungent herbs.
      It is believed to sap the courage and should not be used before battle. Helpful in controlling a headstrong mate.

Day's Eye

      Sleep on the roots to cause your errant lover to return to you.
      Carry or wear the flower to draw love to you.
      Garlands of Days Eye are appropriate for wearing on the festival of Maymonth.


      Carried in a pouch, it will draw love to you. Also useful in re-inspiring love from one who's heart has strayed.

Cinnamon,, Cardamom, Caraway

Aphrodisiacs: draw love and passion to your life.

Useful Charms

The fair maid who, the first of May,
Goes to the fields at the break of day,
And washes in dew
From the Hawthorne tree,
Will ever after handsome be.

Find an odd-leafed ash
And an even-leafed clover,
And you'll see your true love
Before the day is over.

To cause love between two people:
      Take three strings, one each for the colours of the earth, the sun and the moon. These are placed tied together in a small jar or earthenware pot. When they have lain there for six days, add a little juice from a jasmine flower. Press all together. From this will be made an ink, which is to be used to write the square. Take a piece of white cloth which has been dipped in barley water and dried. Write the square upon the cloth with the ink. The square is to be written at the first hour of day, just at sunbreak.

It is as follows:

      When this square is complete, place it between two flat stones in your room. After two nights more, take it out, and say to it in a loud voice the names of the people who are to love each other. Repeat this for another three days. Then what you wish will be accomplished.

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