Social Structure:

Glimmer clans are closely knit and very loyal to one another. During most ofthe year, each clan goes their own way. Often, more than one clan may be foundin any given area. Some stay in one place for quite a while, some travel farand wide. Throughout the kingdoms of Ereth, they ply their trades where they will. Glimmer clans are very co-operative with one another. The different clans don't have the typical rivalries of most traders. "Share and sharealike", that's the Glimmer way of seeing things.

Each year at the summer solstice, the clans gather at Happy Valley, near Haefen,to elect their leaders. They have a long tradition of democratic government. There are few restrictions on eligibility for offices. Any Glimmer over the age of twenty, who has a clan affiliation, is eligible for leadership. Every glimmer over the age of ten years has an equal vote. Each clan has a 'Prince', elected by majority vote. The 'Prince' can be male or female. The Glimmer nation, as a whole, elects the 'Glimmer King' or 'Glimmer Queen'. The King or Queen presides over the entire Glimmer nation.

The current 'Glimmer Queen' is Ronoh Jones, a Glimmer elder of the Tarot Clan. Queen Ronoh has ruled the clans for many years now. She is highly respected and revered for her augury skills

.Occasionally a Glimmer is banished from their clan for some offense, but being a forgiving race, they can usually convince another clan to adopt them. Few Glimmers are true loners. Glimmers like the company of other Glimmers. Mostly ,they just like company.

"I'm not afraid ta travel on my own...I take care a myself just fine. I just like ta have a bit a comp'ny on my travels...someone ta chats with over the evenin' fire. Besides things come up opportunities arise, ya never know there's fortunes to be made bein' in the right place at the right time if ya got the wits fer it. Anywise, I like having my family around me. My clan members are my best friends."

They pay little attention to the politics of others and rarely take sides in anyone else's conflicts. Glimmer politics, such as it is, usually pertains to strictly Glimmer matters. Not that they don't have opinions on the politics of other nations; they just don't care to get personally involved.

"Well now, I'm sure they ken what's best fer them... I'd not be one ta meddle." At least not openly, but they wouldn't be likely to go into that aspect of it with anyone other than another Glimmer. Now if they could make a profit by meddling, that might be another story.

"Ya, I can see the Ogres point there, but then agin, the Magyars' argument holds some truth, too. A'course, boundary disputes ain't somethin' I have much understandin' of." As long as it doesn't interfere with 'business as usual', Glimmers could care less. They take care of their own and don't like anyone else meddling in Glimmer affairs. They seem to take offense at the notion of accepting punishments dealt out under local laws. They are quick to assure the authorities that the culprit will be handled 'their way'. They sound very convincing, too.

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