Glimmer legends tell this history of their race. They say Glimmers originated from the love of a beautiful Elven Princess and a Nilbog Prince. The Nilbogs were an ancient race, believed to have died out long ago. The Glimmers believe that Elves also lived here in the distant past, but were banished for holding themselves above the other races.

The fair princess, Twalia Brightmoon, was ensorcelled by an evil demon. The wicked creature lured her away from her father's castle and cast a dancing spell upon her. She danced away for days and days and was nearing exhaustion when a kindly Nilbog woman took pity on her. She broke the demon's spell and banished him. Taking Twalia to her home, she put her to bed to rest and recover. Her handsome young son, Evram Took, fell in love with the sleeping princess and tended her faithfully.

Twalia and Evram fell deeply in love. When she had regained her strength, he returned Twalia to her home. Evram then asked her parents for Twalia's hand in marriage. King Scelenai and his noble queen Aliathia, were horrified at the thought of their beautiful daughter being mated to a lowly Nilbog. Twalia stood fast in her decision and refused to forsake her love. King Scelenai was so enraged at her defiance of his wishes that he spitefully banished her.

The powerful Ogre ruler, Al Mazeph, came to the King and Queen with cunning words. Wanting the princess for himself, he convinced the queen that he could keep the young lovers apart. Her mother hoped that if the young lovers were separated they would soon think no more of one another and her father would allow her to return to the kingdom.

Al Mazeph promised Queen Aliathia that he would keep the princess at his palace in the desert lands where the sun shone too brightly for a Nilbog to survive. He swore no harm would come to Princess Twalia and that she would be returned home when her father's wrath had cooled. In desperation the distraught Aliathia agreed and sent the poor princess to the Ogre lands.

Al Mazeph was a cruel and unfeeling man. He had many slaves and captives. The Ogre ruler gloated over his latest acquisition and displayed the lovely princess as a trophy to his cohorts. She was made to dance and sing for his entertainment and to serve him as his slave. She was often forced to bring forth his most prized possession; a beautiful bottle which he claimed held the Djinn, Al Kazam. This he presented to his guests as proof of his greatness.

Al Mazeph found the pale, unblemished skin of the exquisite elven maiden to be her most desirable quality. Never had he seen such a fair complexion. To keep her beautiful, alabaster skin from darkening in the desert sun, Twalia was forced to stay deep within the palace dungeon during the daylight hours. Twalia spent her days pining for Evram and never forsook his memory. She longed desperately to see or hear from him again.

One day she heard sounds of digging from beneath her bed. A desert tortoise appeared and spoke to her. He had been sent by Evram to tell her that he still loved her and would remain ever faithful.

Twalia, kind and generous to all, cared for even the lowliest creatures. She fed and comforted them and called them her friends. All of the animals, even the rats felt pity for the dear girl.

The rats decided to help. Knowing that they could not hope to free her themselves, they decided to bring someone who could liberate her. While the Khachah slept, they took the beautiful glass bottle, holding the Djinn, and brought it to the princess.

When princess Twalia opened the bottle, a terrifying being appeared before her. He towered above her, his fiery eyes glaring from his visage. "Be not afraid, little one," growled the Djinn, "For freeing me from that hated bottle, I shall grant you three wishes and three wishes only. Know your heart and wish wisely."

Twalia immediately wished to see her lover Evram- and there beside her he stood. Her joy knew no bounds. The lovers embraced, pledging their love to one another anew.

At that moment, Al Mazeph stormed into the dungeon room. "How dare you betray me," he screamed. "Now you shall all die by my sword." The Ogre's scimitar flashed through the air.

In terror, Twalia wished, "Please, oh mighty Djinn, let us escape from this place." In a flash, they were far from the Ogre's royal city. They found themselves at a desert oasis with the scorching eye of the desert sun assaulting them unmercifully.

The blazing heat was unbearable to the poor princess and her love. Evram's pale, sensitive skin was burning. He cried out in agony, desperately trying to shield himself from the tormenting rays. Without thinking, Twalia wished for protection from the blistering rays of the sun. Before their eyes, their skin turned from pale to golden. It gleamed like the sun itself. The Djinn assured them that they and their descendents could now live happily under the hottest desert sun. They could travel where they would and the heat of the sun would never harm them.

Twalia thanked the mighty Djinn and vowed to befriend the small creatures who helped them make their escape from the evil Ogre. They and their descendents live a peaceful and joyous life roaming the world, carefree and happy. They call the tortoise and the rat, "brother", in honor of their assistance.

The ancient Glimmer clans were nomadic gatherers gleaning a meager living from the lands of the western deserts. Over time, they became adept as traders, barterers, and showmen. They are a race with many talents and a unique outlook on life. In the past, they were often captured and kept as slaves by the Ogres, (and still are in Qabara).

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