Current Status:

Glimmers have some standoffishness with Elves because of the legend of their origins. They feel the Elves do not give them the proper respect due those with ancient blood ties.

They get along with most others- except for Ogres. They are superstitious and fearful of Ogres because of the history of slavery. Most Glimmers suspect that Ogres would take Glimmer slaves whenever they could if an opportunity arose. It is well known that they are kept as slaves within Qabara.

They tend to stay in groups whenever possible and are somewhat nervous (some quite paranoid) when traveling alone among other races. Those who choose to live in towns and villages usually have a few close friends among the locals that they can depend on.

Their skill as traders is expressed by sayings such as, "A Glimmer tradin' with a Dwarf could get a diamond fer a piece of quartz.", and "Don't trade for anything in a Glimmersack". They love to barter and can sometimes get caught up in it to their own detriment. "A Glimmer would trade his last drop of water for the right amount of gold."

Not trusted by most they trade with, because of their reputations as thieves and con artists, they still manage to turn a good profit. Expressions like, "Don't turn your back during a Glimmertrade" and "Keep your purse strings tight when Glimmers are about" are common. They consider these comments as complimentary for the most part. They pride themselves on being able to "put one over on" people of other races. "Buyer beware" and "A fool and his money are soon parted" are common Glimmer expressions. They are the only race with folk tales where the coyote is the hero.

They have a great respect for sleight of hand artists and are, of course, naturally adept at palming gold coins. Now you see it, now you don't- the Glimmer hand is definitely quicker than the eye .Glimmers rarely slow down long enough to sit for a formal meal. Most of their foods are things that can be eaten out of hand while they're busy with something else. Glimmer flatbreads, called torteas, are wrapped around just about anything and everything.

Honey beer, ginger beer, and root beers are used by Glimmer kids and adults to wash down their spicy foods. Adults are wont to drink stronger beverages, like Glimmer Tsekila. Even this is usually taken neat, with perhaps a bit of salt and lime. Glimmers don't take time to mix fancy drinks. You'll find them eating frequent small meals and usually carrying snacks. They are partial to sweets and candies. Glimmers are adventurous and like to try new foods.

They have discovered the kahves of the Rover Clans. Chocolate covered kahve beans are a Glimmer passion. They are happy, friendly souls with an optimistic outlook on life. You won't often see a Glimmer moping about. "Bright is the woof of our fate. The skein of a Glimmer's life is interwoven with all that is joyous."

A Glimmer character can be a lot of fun to play. Running scams and cons on the other players is par for the course. Have a good time, try not to get in too much trouble, and hope you don't land in jail.

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