Glimmer couples often co-habit for many years but have informal marriage customs. When a child is born to a couple they are considered "family bonded". Once the "family bond" has taken place, they rarely if ever separate for any reason. Parents are devoted to their children and children are loving and loya lto their families. Glimmers feel strong kinship ties with their extended families and look forward to the annual Glimmer gathering.

Glimmers show great love and respect for their children. Glimmer kids get involved in everything. They work alongside the older clan members, learning their trades with loving tolerance. "Look at that little one with the puppet show. Why, she can't be more than 3 or4 years old. Amazing what those Glimmer kids can do." Most people find Glimmer children overbearing and pushy. The kids are encouraged to develop those traits that will enable the clan to turn a profit. Many has been the time that a villager realizes a fast talking Glimmer child, with a beguiling smile, has just conned him out of his last few coppers. Glimmer kids are quick with their hands and quick with their wits. Considered overly permissive by most other cultures because of the early age at which a Glimmer child is given full clan rights, Glimmers appreciate the fresh insights of youth.

Glimmers seem to have a low reproductive rate. They rarely have more than two children and many kids have no siblings. Childless couples are common, but all Glimmers dote on the kids of the clan. New births are always a cause for great celebration.

Elders are also held in high regard and honored for their wisdom and knowledge. Many Glimmer elders are gifted with true foresight and are revered for their auguring abilities. The elders take responsibility for most clan decisions. They are usually elected as leaders. The Princes of the clans are usually among the eldest members. Everyone looks up to them and trusts their judgement. A Glimmer elder may appear to be an infirm and cantankerous old fool to outsiders, but he will be cherished and respected by his clan.

When a Glimmer dies, the body is lovingly prepared and wrapped in the finest dragon cloth bindings. After the ritual 'three days of grace', the body is placed on a high funeral pyre and burned. The family and clan sing and dance to honor the spirit as it makes its' way to the fates.

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