The Current Glimmer Culture:

Glimmers are itinerant tradesmen that can be found practicing their skills in any area. Caravans of Glimmer wagons carry all they need for their carefree lifestyle. They love their life on the road, "Free as the birds, our life suits us well".

Like "brother rat", the Glimmers have learned it can be profitable to follow the human populations. Prone to accumulating goods for their own sake, humans like to buy things. Believing themselves to be clever, they can often be outwitted. They like to think the are favored by the fates, and so, many are attracted to gambling games. All these things the Glimmers use to their advantage. Glimmers just love humans!

The approach of brightly painted Glimmer wagons brings joy to the hearts of the village children and trepidation to their parents. The Carnival has come to town. The local constables know they're in for some long hours of work, keeping an eye on things. Somehow, Glimmers always seem to attract trouble of one kind or another. It's never their fault of course...they can't understand why these things always happen when they're around.

Traveling from place to place, Glimmer clans set up their camps on the outskirts of the villages. The gaudy tents spring up like mushrooms after a warm rain. The bright colors and lively music beckon to the townsfolk. It's hard for anyone to resist the lure of the carnival.

Will this clan have a menagerie? Will they have dancers, jugglers, magicians? Always there will be games, gambling, and sideshows to draw in the crowds. The Glimmer wagons carry excitement and fun into the drab lives of the villagers. Glimmers know what people want, even if they don't know themselves. Entertainment! Novelty! Everyone needs a little fun in their lives.

"Right this way! Come in and see the amazing Tsitra juggle the flaming swords of fury! Just two coppers admission. Hurry, hurry! Don't miss the show!" the barkers entice the gathering villagers. The crowds line up in anticipation. It looks like Tsitra's new act is going to be quite successful.

The spicy scent of ginger cookies mixes with the exotic incense coming from the fortune tellers booth. Even the smells of the carnival are exciting. A whiff of jasmine from the massage parlor draws in those looking for a bit of relaxation, or maybe something more.

The tinkling bells of the dancer's ankle bracelets and the ring of their finger cymbals plays against the music of the guitar from the main stage. Leaping and spinning, the dancers glitter like fireworks as the sun reflects off the golden threads in their bright, flowing costumes and glints on their bangles and beads. The Glimmer showmen know how to keep the crowds happy. Non stop action! The sights, scents, and sounds of the carnival are intoxicating to the crowds.

Glimmer venders sell penny whistles and rock candy to the children, paper roses and pretty baubles to the ladies. Everyone seems to be wearing the little seashell necklaces this clan has brought in from the coast. Something for everyone...few leave without opening their purse strings. Glimmer tradesmen know their market well.

"Please, Mommy, please-I want a glimmipop unicorn. They only cost a copper. Oh look, that booth sells ribbon streamers- watch how pretty they are when she twirls them. I want a blue one, please, please!" Distracted parents are hard put to ignore the pleading of their little ones. Another sale for the vendor! Yes, this is definitely going to be a profitable stopover.

"Try yer luck," challenges the Glimmer gamesman. "You- Goodman- think you've sharp enough eyes ta follow which shell this pea is under? Give it a try. Copper fer a chance to play- I'll pay ya five back if ya can beat me. No? Hey, try it just once for fun. No charge- I'll let ya have a practice, just this once.....Aarrgh, ya got me. Hey now, gimme a chance to redeem myself. Just a copper ta play- when I have ta pay ya the five I'll be losing money on this'un." It looks so easy. Who could resist?

From another tent comes the barker's call, "Never before seen! The two headed dragon bird of Tsacoma Valley. Come one, come all! Step right up. You won't believe your eyes! Only three coppers admission. Hurry- hurry, only a few more seats left." How do they find these exotic creatures? Do they really exist? You'll never know 'til you take a peak. Hey, it's only three coppers admission.

If a Glimmer clan finds that a settlement provides for them well, they may settle in for a spell. Some of the larger cities have what seem to be well entrenched, stable Glimmer districts. Not the area of town you'd take your maiden aunt to visit, but they do draw in a certain crowd on a Saturday night.

Although most clans travel during the warmer months, they make semi-permanent camps when winter sets in. Each clan usually has a winter site they return to year after year, at least as long as the local authorities will tolerate them. There always seems to be one or two Glimmers who stay on throughout the year at these sites. They like to keep on eye on the local situations.

Typical Glimmer endeavors involve gambling, fortune telling, or pawnshops. There aren't many Glimmer grocers or laundrymen. If it's Glimmer business, it probably doesn't involve much manual labor either.

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