Magic Warriors of Troll Land

All images and text Zeborah Loray 2000/2001

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Tzisher, High Wizard, Master Mage of Wern
High Wizard, Master Mage of Wern

Tzisher's smoldering black eyes turned on Blaferdy. He was tall for a troll, and his pointy wizard hat made him seem even taller. His voluminous robes swirled as he stepped closer.

Tzebo, Tzisher's apprentice
Tzisher's apprentice

"If you would follow" He hesitated, reached up to straighten the little, round, brimless cap on his head. "I mean...if you're done eating. Tzisher wants me to bring you to the tower. need to follow me. O.K.?"

M'lakliet, Gnomish warrior
Gnomish Warrior

"By my nose," exclaimed M'lakliet, "real live humans!" He peered closely at Billy and Jenny in turn. "My old Grammy, bless her nose, used to tell me human tales when I was just a bob-nose kid. Let me see your hand." He examined the hand Jenny offered with a look of satisfaction. "Yep, five fingers, just like Grammy said. I'll be derned!"

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