Magic Warriors of Troll Land

All images and text Zeborah Loray 2000/2001

M'lakliet, Gnomish warrior

      "Wowie!" there was true awe in Jenny's voice. "He's really good at that." Billy looked up, following Jenny's gaze. He saw Trybeglit hanging on the underside of a massive overhang of rock.

     The wiry little gnome scuttled across the seemingly featureless expanse of stone. The wind grabbed at him like some evil creature, doing its best to dislodge him.

     "How can he do that?" Billy wondered aloud. "It's like watching a fly on the ceiling."

     "That's what they do," said Two Fingers. "They climb rocks." He had to raise his voice to be heard over the rising wind.

     Billy noticed the loops of rope Trybeglit carried over his shoulder. It uncoiled as he moved crab-like across the underside of the overhang. In places the gnome simply launched himself from one tenuous handhold, and somehow managed to land in a spot where he could continue on. It was heart stopping, terrifying even to watch; yet Billy couldn't take his eyes from it.

     Finally Trybeglit reached the other side. He pulled a small sledge from his belt and hammered something into the rock. Billy watched him tie the rope to it. The rope now stretched across the break in the trail. Realization dawned on Billy. He was going to have to cross on that rope.

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