Magic Warriors of Troll Land

All images and text Zeborah Loray 2000/2001

Tzisher, High Wizard and Master Mage of Wern

      Bring forth this hero, now." He looked right at Billy, contempt in his eyes, as if challenging him to proclaim himself.

      Billy looked around. No one seemed to want to make eye contact with him.

      Dunkers' eyes were on Tzisher. Billy watched her step forward. She seemed stiff, sort of formal for Dunkers, like she might be nervous about something. She started to speak, then had to clear her throat. Standing straight and solemn, she began again.

      "I, Dunkers Troll, of the line of Varn, town of Gont, bring to you this hero." Her eyes made a quick shift and met Billy's. The sharp forward jerk of her chin was unmistakable. She wanted him to step forward.

      Billy's feet went along with the plan. They stepped him forward. Forward, towards Tzisher, who was about the last person Billy wanted to deal with right now. He had to admit that his feet were probably right though. There wasn't going to be any way to avoid this. Better to go ahead and step forward than to get pushed forward by someone else.

      Tzisher's lips pursed and his nostrils narrowed as though he had caught a whiff of something foul. He tilted his head back slightly to better look down his nose at Billy. With a swirl of his robes he turned and started a slow pacing, back and forth before Billy, eyeing him with a studied, casual contempt.

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