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Stories and Poems by Zeborah Loray

All images and text Zeborah Loray 2000/2001

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Dust bunnies sound cute, don't they? So do dust kitties. Maybe they would make good pets!

Click on the dust creature to see what dust kitties and bunnies do when you're not around.

Dunkers Troll
Dunkers Troll

This is the little troll who started it all. She is Billy Bunkers best friend. Click on her picture to read stories and poems about Dunkers and Billy. There are coloring pages to download and some fun activities.

Magic Warriors of Troll Land

Magic Warriors begins when Billy Bunker gets a visit from his long lost friend, Dunkers Troll. His parents convinced him that she was simply imaginary. So what is she doing rapping at his window?

Fancy Mer Rat
Fancy Mer-rat

Cute little creature isn't he. Wouldn't you like to have one for a pet? Read a story about a little Princess and her pet mer-rat.

Treena and the Unicorn
rough sketch
The Green Haired Girl

A Fairy Tale

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