Magic Warriors of Troll Land

All images and text Zeborah Loray 2000/2001

Tzebo, Tzisher's Apprentice Mage

      Jenny addressed the apprentice, "What's your name? How come you don't have a pointy hat like the other wizard? Is it very far to the tower place? What's he gonna do to us anyway? Is he gonna teach us magic stuff?"

      "My name's Tzebodipacamadabor." He looked down at his feet and reddened slightly. "Everybody calls me Tzebo though. I won't get my true wizards hat 'til I pass my exams. We really ought to hurry. Tzisher doesn't like to be kept waiting."

      "Okey dokey," said Jenny brightly. "Come on Billy, let's go." She paused and looked at their packs. "Should we take our stuff? How long's this gonna take? What happened to that little gnome kid we found anyway? Where did Two Fingers go?"

      "You know, Jen," said Billy, "It would help if you gave someone a chance to answer before you ask the next question."

      "So how long is this gonna take, anyways," said Jenny.

      They followed Tzebo out the door. "Tzisher's been expecting you. He has everything ready. It's been ready for a week or more. It will take...ah...well, it will take...hmmm. I don't really know to tell the truth. I've never actually seen him ward a person. Not much call for it usually. I had to gather a lot of wurmwood and spider nests, and he got out the biggest cauldron, but I'm not sure exactly what happens next. I'm still working on my elemental spells. I haven't gotten to wardings yet."

      "Can I be a wizard's apprentice, too?" asked Jenny. "I want to learn magic."

      "You?" Tzebo looked at Jenny appraisingly. "I don't think so." He shook his head. "No, I'm pretty sure humans can't do magic. That's what I've always been told anyway. Well...except for activating the Crael stone. But that's different."

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