The Fengraesi

The Fengraesi worship the god Fengray, who appears as a great gray wolf. Fengray is the companion and protector of Zachbar.

The Fengraesi use the symbol of the wolf in tattooing, as amulets and talismans and on their clothing. They use wolf and wolf/dog crossbreeds for hunting and herding. They like to pit fight their dogs and have developed breeds suitable for this purpose. They have finely trained attack dogs for their clan's protection.

The Fengraesi are rumored to be able to transform into wolves at will. There are many superstitions concerning the possibility that the Fengraesi are werewolves. They do seem to have amazing rapport with their dogs and wolves.

They do not sell their dogs or wolves, for the animals are considered members of the clan. They will on occasion agree to train dogs for others, but the decision to return to the original owner is left to the dog. The Fengraesi consider the coyote to be the epitome of cowardice and shun them. They do not hunt the coyote for he is not worthy even as prey. They will kill a coyote if he is in their way but will not use his hide or his meat or any part of him. The coyote is the descendant of the betrayer of Zachbar and as such is the enemy of the Rovers. To be called a coyote by any Rover, especially by the Fengraesi, is an insult of the highest order.

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