The Fayruz

The Fayruz clan worship Fayra, the goddess of luck. The fayruz, or turquoise as it is sometimes known, is the luck stone, symbol of Fayra. The Fayruz are excellent stone and gem carvers and make stone amulets and talismans for all the clans. Fayruz carvings are considered especially potent charms.

The Centauri believe that fayruz amulets protect riders from falls and that fayruz amulets for their horses give protection to the horse. All Rovers seek clan talismans carved from this stone.

Fayruz worked into a weapon insures accuracy. It is highly valued in any tool. Fayruz is used as protection for the dead or the living. It promotes courage and protects travelers. It is also used as a healing stone - placed against the diseased or troubled part of the body it is thought that the ill will go into the stone. Water in which fayruz has been dipped is claimed to have healing properties by the Rovers.

All Rovers covet the fayruz stone and pieces worked by the Fayruz clan are particularly sought after. They never sell fayruz to non-Rovers.

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