The Mersck

The Mersck are the worshippers of Mershach, the brother of Zachbar. As Zachbar was given dominion over the land, so was Mershach given dominion over the seas. As Zachbar gave over the stewardship of the lands to the Rovers so, too, did Mershach give over the stewardship of the seas to the Rovers. The Rovers tend to see themselves as the ultimate authority on everything of the land or the sea by divine right.

The Mersck have ocean kayaks that they use for short trips and for hunting and fishing. They also use them for sport in the surf. Many of the kayaks that they use in the surf are very sleek designs that they sit on top of instead of being inside.

They also have many other vessels that are used by the clan. The Mersck ships don't necessarily look like much but somehow they seem to travel with incredible speeds. Some say they use magics, some say they have a secret technology. Only the Mersck know for sure and they don't discuss it with anyone.

They are also rumored to have a floating island fortress hidden at sea. There are many stories telling of the treasures hoarded on the Isle of the Mersck. Of course, it is said to be guarded by a monstrous sea serpent loyal only to the Mersck. The Mersck believe that when they die they will come back as orcas. The orcas are sacred to them. It as said that they can communicate telepathically with orcas.

The Mersck are rarely seen away from the coastal areas. They sometimes come down Kalambia's river on trading missions. They mainly deal with the Aquila clan. Occasionally they host Clan gatherings at the sacred place where the river meets the sea. Rumors about the Mersck abound. Some say that they can transform themselves to merfolk, some say they have gills and webbed feet, some say they can control the sea serpents. They are also said to have fabulous cities under the seas, with palaces and jeweled halls. The Mersck do nothing to quell such rumors, neither do they affirm them. The Mersck never sell their ships, not even to Rovers of other clans.

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