The Eandara

The Eandara worship Eandar, the tree of life, which gave birth to all of the gods. Eandar is believed by the Rovers to be the beginning of all sentient life. The gods and goddesses grew like fruits from her branches. Gorach was said to have cut down Eandar after he was formed to prevent any more gods being born. Zachbar took cuttings from the fallen Eandar and transformed them to mimic all the other trees of the world and planted them in secret places. The Eandarians are very protective of all trees, as any tree could potentially be Eandar. They use few, if any wood products.

They use trees and birds of prey as motifs for tattoos, talismans, and such. They have a reverence for raptors and birds of prey, which are thought to be protectors of Eandar. They use trained hunting hawks for hunts and for sport. They do not sell their hawks.

They are rumored to have the ability to transport themselves from place to place by passing from one tree to another. They seem to have an uncanny ability to meld with the trees and disappear into the forest.

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