Current Status:

The Ogres lay claim to the eastern deserts, with settlements and ancient cities that have been in existence for all of recorded history. There are fewer Ogres and no old Ogre cities in the far south, although many of the Al-Nisrae, the Ogre nomads, claim their tribes originated in the south. Many of these claims seem to conflict with Rover and Glimmer histories of this area.

The Qatchah of Qabara, Ali Manochar Nourazadah, is a young man. He rules from his palace in the royal city of Huzara. Of his three wives, two live with him in Huzara and one resides in his summer home in Palazada. He has seven sons. Each rules one of the richest principalities of Qabara. Two uncles and three of his brothers rule in the lesser principalities. He has twelve daughters. One daughter resides in each palace.

The Eastern Island nations trade with the Qabarians, providing dragon glass, dragon cloth and thread. These trade routes are through Magoria, and are usually handled by Rover merchants. The Rovers have long established trade routes throughout Qabara. The Qabarians also trade with Altoria and have strong ties with the Altorian Merchant Guilds.

At the present time, Qabara is under intermittent attack from Magorian outposts disputing the Ogre claims to the northern desert borders. It has the potential to become a full-blown war. There have been many diplomats from both Qabara and Magoria trying to gain the support of Altoria. Qabara has the support of many of the barbarian lords of the north and it is believed that the elvish tribes would side with Qabara if they became involved. The Rover Clans are remaining neutral to try hold the trade routes open.

Lately there have been many Al-Zamin troops on the borders as well due to the intermittent raids from barbarians and the Magyars. The Al-Nisrae see this as an insult to their fighting abilities and will often challenge any troops they happen across to a round of jugging, to prove once and for all who is better.

These games are also played when different tribes of Al-Nisrae meet. Sport is the favorite past time of tribesmen. Often will tribes apparently be doing battle with one-another. In reality, the tribes are playing a game known as Jugging.

The Al-Nisrae have been sending many emissaries into the barbarian lands. There is rumor of alliances being drawn.

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