Jugging is a team game that is played much like modern day hockey. Each team has a goal and each team member has a blunt or blunted weapon. The weapons vary depending on the personal preference of the wielder except in the case of the goal tender, who most often use staves, and the quick, who is always armed with a blunt dagger or small club. In the middle of the field is a small jug. The object of the game is to get the jug onto the opposing team's goal. The first team to score an agreed upon (usually ten) number of points wins.

The only person allowed to touch the ball is the team's quick. There is only one quick per team. The other members must use their weapons to bat the jug.

A team member is taken down by a single hit. He must then count to twenty before he is allowed to get up. It is possible to "pin" ANY opponent by holding a weapon on their shoulder. The one pinned cannot get up until the weapon is removed.

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