The Five Branches:

Dair: They claim to be the oldest of the Branches, the other four say they are the youngest. The Dair Branch was originally the group that never split off from the first settlement. They still live on the Great Bay and are the group that deals most extensively with the Sea Elves. Since Gallan is mineral poor and most ore and metalwork comes through this trade the Dair Branch is currently the leading power on the island. Their totem is the oak, and like it members of the Dair are strong, honorable, and unyielding.

Drish: The second Branch to split off from the main colony. The Drish Branch lives on the Northern most part of the island. The Drish typically had more artisans than the other Wild Elf Branches, though most of these artists specialize in carving either wood or stone, The Drish Branch also usually supports the most bards. Drish is least likely to be involved in the various squabbles over territory and often the leaders of this Branch will mediate for the others. The totem of this Branch is the wild rose.

Dealg: The first Branch to leave the main colony, Dealg lives on the easternmost side of Gallan, closest to the mainland, but with no natural harbors. The Dealg Branch is most often warring with the Dair, frequently with the aid of the Feocadan. It was largely due to the Dealg Branch that the Wild Elves took part in the Dark Elf war and it is this Branch that seems readiest to aid their mainland cousins when the need arises. It is also the warriors of this Branch that are most likely to try to make their reputation on the mainland. The totem of this Branch is the blackthorn.

Feocadan: The last Branch to split off. The Feocadan Branch occupies the area between the Dair and Drish territories. They often align themselves with the discontents of the Dealg Branch, and feel a responsibility to protect the somewhat warrior-poor Drish Branch. Like Dealg, the Feocadan somewhat resent the advantage trade gives the Dair and have supported the island-wide ban on trade with any but the Sea Elves. The totem of the Feocadan Branch is the thistle.

Sailie: The third Branch to split off the main colony, they occupy the Southern and most heavily forested area of the island. The Sailie rarely start any of the island's hostilities, but generally end up involved nonetheless. The past decade or so they have been supporting the Dair Branch against the Drish and Dealg Branches, although rumor has it that they too are beginning to resent the power of the Dair Branch. The totem of the Sailie Branch is the willow.

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