The Elven Gods:

The Elves have no organized religious practices but most of them look to one of four principle gods for support. Those gods are:

Primus Bluearrow: The god of the sea, waterways and weather, he is somewhat unpopular among the Forest and Wild Elves who have grown up on stories of the disastrous voyage that first brought the Elves to these shores. But the Sea Elves most commonly worship him still.

Corena Goldenleaf: She is the goddess of arts and magic. Frequently worshiped by the mages and artisans and musicians of all three groups of Elves.

Slyvus Strongbow: The Protector, the god of the woodlands and the hunt. He is the most commonly worshipped of the god of the Forest Elves. The father god.

Dala Ebonwind: The goddess of warfare and fertility most often worshipped by the Wild Elves. The mother goddess. She is married to Strongbow and her followers have an especial dislike of those who worship Lialu (Magorians and Dark Elves). Most Wild Elves worship Dala.

Lialu: The goddess of the Dark Elves, hated by all of the Elves impartially. It is believed the Dark Elves are the result of her seduction of Strongbow.

Elvish funerals are generally revels lasting three days (time for the Fates to intervene) before the body is burned, or in the case of the Sea Elves set adrift. Most Elves believe that death is only temporary and their spirits will continue on in a new body after a period of rest.

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