The Elves currently in Ereth are the decendents of the crews of an exploratory fleet that came from the Elven Kingdom of Tuatha. The fleet consisted of seven ships that were blown badly off course. Some suspect that the storms that caused this were not of natural origin.

The ships were adrift for several months with only the magics of crew members and occasional forays onto small islands for foodstuffs kept these elves alive before the shores of Ereth came into view. The ships anchored near a large island a few miles off-shore while the elves tried to decide what their next move should be.

After some days of observing the dense growth near shore the elves were fairly certain that the area was uninhabited and six of the seven ships decided to try for the shore. The crew of the seventh ship decided to stay behind and set up a colony of their own, they have become the Wild Elves of today.

At first the group was very cohesive, but over the years petty resentment built up, as did the population and groups began to split off. Now there are five distinct groups, calling themselves Branches, on the island, battling over constantly shifting borders. Though a conscious effort is made to avoid damaging crops or livestock during the course of these battles, since land capable of supporting either is scarce.

Wild Elves do not keep written records of any sort, though the bards can tell one a detailed account of the shifting fortunes of their particular Branch. The five Branches united only once, during the Dark Elf war, when a great many of the Wild Elves went ashore to help their Forest and Sea relatives force the Dark Elves out of the Lands.

Though occasionally pirates or Magorian traders have attempted to dock on Gallan, they have always met with severe rebuff, and eventually attempts to visit the island stopped altogether, since then the Wild Elves have had only their own ever-shifting politics to concern them.

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