Current Status:

The Wild Elves rarely interact with any race other than the Sea Elves, for whom they have a respect and liking. They are also fond of their Forest cousins though it is only the oldest members of the Branches who remember dealing with the Forest Elves in person, they know many of the goods their Sea Elf friends bring to Gallan come from either their Forest Elf cousins or the Dwarves, whom the elders also remember kindly.

These same memories concern the Dark Elves, whom the Wild Elves hate as much, and perhaps more, than the mainland Elves do. Honor is very important to the Wild Elves and as far as they are concerned the Dark Elves have none. The Dark Elves have also attacked the island in the past, though without success.

They have happily engaged in the most current war and it has become more likely that at least some Wild Elf warriors will make the crossing to the mainland to engage in it more actively.

Trade relations with the Sea Elves have given the Wild Elves reason to dislike the Magorians, whom the Sea Elves detest, as well. Wild Elves who do come to the mainland most often pass through the Forest before coming into other lands and are likely to pick up the attitudes of their Forest Cousins in regard to other races. Though they are less tolerant of the Glimmers than Forest Elves are.

Since it is rare for a Wild Elf to leave Gallan most non-Elven peoples are unsure whether this most reclusive group of Elves exists or not. Except possibly the Dwarves, who must know, but probably don't care.

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