The Elves currently in Ereth are the decendents of the crews of an exploratory fleet that came from the Elven Kingdom of Tuatha. The fleet consisted of seven ships that were blown badly off course. Some suspect that the storms that caused this were not of natural origin.

The ships were adrift for several months with only the magics of crew members and occasional forays onto small islands for foodstuffs kept these elves alive before the shores of Ereth came into view. The ships anchored near a large island a few miles off-shore while the elves tried to decide what their next move should be.

After some days of observing the dense growth near shore the elves were fairly certain that the area was uninhabited and six of the seven ships decided to try for the shore. The crew of the seventh ship decided to stay behind and set up a colony of their own, they have become the Wild Elves of today.

The trial of the other six ships was not yet over, however. The next day, when they set out for the shore another fierce storm materialized. Fully one third of the elves on those ships were killed. It was some days before the survivors were able to find each other.

Then the first schisms in this larger group began to appear. Some of the elves thought that, after plotting where they were, they ought to rebuild the ships and attempt to return to Tuatha. Others though they should settle where they were and live off the sea as they were all accustomed to doing and still another group had had enough of the sea altogether and suggested going inland and making a new life there.

The groups argued for days before it became apparent there would be no reconciliation. Those who wanted to live by the sea and those who wanted to try to return to Tuatha stayed by the shore and set about making new ships. Those that elected to stay became the Sea Elves of today. Those who wished to return to Tuatha boarded their ship and left, they were never heard from again.

The remaining group stayed whre they had landed. They called this first settlement Tirnua, and it is today the largest concentration of the Sea Elves. However, as Tirnua grew it became obvious the surronding coast could not support a dense population. So, the first Council of Elders was called and it was decided that rather than cut down part of the Forest, and perhaps cause conflict with the Elves there that two groups would leave Tirnua and set up villiages two days sail to the north and south of it.

With aid from Tirnua over the first years both settlements prospered and a tradition of expanding resettlement of the growing population was established.

As might be expected the sea-going nature of these Elves led them to be the first to encounter the other races of their new homeland. An fishing ship and crew, which was a loss that could be ill-afforded in those days was lost to the wyrm infested waters off the San Wan islands, an area the Sea Elves have avoided ever since.

Rovers were also encountered fairly quickly, but since the Sea Elves of the time were uninterested in trade, and the Rovers in fishing these encounters were far more friendly.

It wasn?t until the second settlements had been established that the Sea Elves first encountered Magorian vessals. By this time the Elves felt that their claim on the surrounding waters was quite firm, and did not take kindly the the (perceived) Magorian invasion. The Magorians were not quick to recognize the Elven cliam on these waters (indeed, officially they still don?t) and this was the beginning of a fued between the two peoples that continues to this day.

It was shortly after the Magorian ships had (unofficailly, of course) more or less stopped sailing into Elven waters that the Sea Elves became aware of the Dark Elf War, raging in the Forest. Fresh from their victory at sea, any were eager to lend their cousins aid (though the Forest Elves didn?t seem to appreciate the fire spells Sea Elf mages favor). Even going so far as to convince a small party of Wild Elves to step onto a ship for the sake of the fight.

It was during this period that the Sea Elves realized they were likely to face threats from their land border as well as the water. The Elders discussed the matter at great length, discussing what was known of the other races with the Forest Cheiftains. Their decision was the construction of the Coastal Road, which began soon after the Dark Elves were defeated.

It was almost two decades after that the first merchant caravan, made up of humans, knocked at the Gate, to request entrance. Word was sent to Tirnua, and the second Council of Elders called. It was then it was decided that merchants would be allowed to use the road, as well as that Forest Elf mercenries would be employed (for the cost of a toll) to be certain that those merchants posed no danger. It was also decided at this time to forbid Magorians access to the Road should the question arise.

Though the caravan had had a long wait on the return to the human kingdoms the caravan-master found that it had been well-worth it, once it was discovered where he came by the dyes and carvings the Road became a busy route, despite the toll, and has been ever since .

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