The Five Laws

The Elves expect guests to know and abide by their laws (as does any culture). Elven laws are simple:

    1) Theft is forbidden
    2) Murder is forbidden
    3) No treasonous acts
    4) Warriors shall obey the Laws of Honor in warfare (only enforced in Elven war)
    5) One does not harm or threaten a bard

The Sea Elves are the least harsh in enforcing these Laws. They also bring the matter of a violation in front of the village?s Council of Three in all cases. The accused and all witnesses are allowed to speak before the Council discusses the matter and comes to a decision. It is more informal than trial in other places, members of the village often interrupt with their own opinions, but so far it seems to have worked.

The punishment for breaking any of the Laws is banishment, and banished Sea Elves can not hope to find a place in the Elven lands.

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