Currrent Status

Since the Sea Elves interact with other races frequently they have fewer stereotypes than the other sorts of Elves. They are quite fond of both the Forest and Wild Elves, and though they respect the codes both peoples seem to live by most do wish they were a little less prone to killing off each other.

Sea Elves are probably the group that gets along least well with the Dwarves, though they don?t dislike them they often find Dwarven manners grating and have less need of Dwarven goods than do the Forest Elves.

Like the Forest Elves Sea Elves don?t remember the Dark Elf War kindly and are not likely to welcome a Dark Elf into their lands, though they might give him/her the option to leave before the matter becomes violent.

Although since the active declartion of war by there Forest cousins this has changed. Many young Sea Elves have joined the fighting.

The Sea Elves detest the Magorians, and since they have made it quite clear Magorians are unwelcome along the Coast are likely to assume any Magorian they meet in an enemy and act accordingly.

Sea Elves are fond of Rovers, and are aware enough of Rover society to even trust them to some extent. They are likely to be wary of most other humans, though not actively distrustful until given cause.

Sea Elves know better than to trust a Glimmer an inch, and so far have not allowed Glimmer carnivals to travel the road, though there is no official ban against it. This is not to say they dislike Glimmers, they simply know better than to trust them.

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