Social Structure

There are six Rover clans led by hereditary leaders called Khazair by their people. The Khazair's word is law in all matters. He rules on each case as it arises and there is no reprieve or pardon of his sentence. The Khazairs are also the spiritual leaders of their people. They preside over the ceremonies and rituals of the clan. Turquoise stones, or fayruz as they call it, is used for ceremonial purposes. Rovers place a high value on fine fayruz.

Most property within the clans is communal. Rover Khazairs pride themselves on their fairness and put great store in justice and equality among their people. "No Rover ever goes hungry or without shelter unless all Rovers are so afflicted."

Rover clans have no formal bonds, but Khazairs feel strong ties between clans. Clans band together to defend one another if necessary. They are supportive of one another in all ways. "A Rover is a Rover" and will find welcome in any clan.

Although Rovers rarely marry outside of their race there is much inter-marriage between clans. This helps to keep the clan systems strong and to strengthen the links between clans.

Rover children are raised communally. No couple is childless and no children are orphaned. Rover children are expected to contribute to the clan according to their age and abilities. A Rover is considered to have adult status at the age of fourteen, when they have their ritual rite of passage. Before this time they may transfer from one clan to another but may not leave Rover society. The Rovers are very protective of their children. "The clan is only as strong as its smallest child. The smallest child has the strength of the whole clan".

Rover weddings are joyous celebrations, which frequently go on for many days. Rovers are a passionate and fiery people. Their relationships are usually intense but not necessarily permanent. A marriage ends when one or both parties decide to leave. Polygamous relationships are not uncommon. There is no disrespect for homosexual relationships and such marriages are held equal to any other in all respects.

Rovers have a particular horror of vampires, whom they call the Magyar. They consider them to be unclean, beings without a soul. Although Rovers carry on trade with Magoria, they rarely if ever socialize with any Magorians.

All Rovers have an instinctual fear of being underground for any reason. They do not bury their dead, but place them on high platforms in their sacred burial grounds. It is considered a desecration to violate the burial grounds. This act requires revenge upon the culprit to rectify the sacrilege.

Rovers are partial to grilled foods, highly spiced with curries, and fine wines and brandies. Both men and women are fine cooks. They are a gregarious people and love festivities and social gatherings. They tend to be vociferous and argumentative, especially when intoxicated. They will feast, sing, and tell stories around the campfires until the stars swing well past midnight.

Hotheaded and impulsive, Rovers show quick tempers. They are intolerant, outspoken and undiplomatic when it comes to expressing their opinions about the foolishness of other races. They are extremely self-righteous and intolerant of the views of others. They place high esteem on honoring the bonds of friendship even at high cost to themselves. They are generally helpful, though condescending, to anyone in need.

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