Rover History

Rovers travel widely; they are traders and often act as messengers and intermediaries between nations. The clan's base camps are located in the southern desert. Because Rovers do not respect political boundaries, it is hard to trace their roots. Some historians suspect that not all who claim to be Rovers are actually descended from the same stock.

Rovers believe strongly in their heritage as the chosen people of their gods, Zachbar and his brother, Mershach. Their legends say they are the original inhabitants of this world. Rovers believe the welfare of Ereth was put into their care. They feel a great responsibility for the stewardship of the lands and the seas. They have many other gods and goddesses in their pantheon.

Each Rover clan has a patron god or goddess they feel a special allegiance to. They have a great reverence for life and respect the sanctity of every manifestation of spirit - plants, animals, even metals, stone, water and air are believed to have a life essence. They draw magical powers from all things. They do not acknowledge the artificial boundaries claimed by the leaders of the nations of Ereth. They consider the races that do so to be foolishly misguided.

Rovers have the most extensive herb lore of any race. Knowledgeable about the medicinal and magical properties of plants, they are masters of poison and potion lore.

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