The Al-Nisrae

The Khons of the Al-Nisrae, while honoring the Qatchah, consider themselves equal in status if not in wealth. The Al-Nisrae titles are Khon, Khol, and Kemir.

A Khon is the official leader of a tribe. He's the planner, negotiator, and general. It is he who decided when and where the tribe stops and when it goes. He makes the final decisions in all things. The position is gained by winning the great games of Al-Nisrae, held every three years. The games consist of arena style battles, brawling, archery, horsemanship, and the sport of jugging.

Of course, the old Khon is allowed to compete as well. When a Khon is replaced, he becomes a Khol. Respected for their prowess and skills, the Khol serve as general advisors, bodyguards and servants to the Khon, and in times of war, captains. In times of need one can also act as Khon, should the current one die unexpectedly, till the games can be held and a new Khon crowned. In these cases, the games are held at a reasonable time for such things to be held.

The Kemir are the shamans and spiritual leaders of the tribe. They lead the ceremonies and worship. The elder often acts as advisor to the Khon, but only when the Khon asks or is willing to listen. They also act as judges for the great games. The Kemir are the mages of the Al-Nisrae. They follow a path few other ogres understand. Though respected for their power, they are often looked down on by the young warriors of the tribe as being weak and honorless for hiding behind their spells, books, and prayers when it comes time for war.

It is the Kemir who protect the tribe from the supernatural elements that the tribe's enemies might use. Though they are few and far between, their power combined is a formidable force. A Kemir cannot become a Khon, nor would they want to. They work to better themselves to protect the tribe. The only ranks among the Kemir are that of Master or Apprentice. The Kemir sacrifice the power of leadership for the power of efficiency.

The nomads, or Al-Nisrae, though considered by the Al-Zamin to live a pitiful, impoverished existence, think of themselves as the richest of all men. The Al-Nisrae call the people of the settlements Abdzakah (meaning; slaves of the cities or slaves of the taxes).

The Al-Nisrae keep their own councils and travel throughout the kingdom of Qabara as they please. Their laws and ways are not interfered with by the Qatchah. The agreements between the Qatchah and the Khons of the nomad tribes are ancient pacts honored by all. The Al-Nisrae pay no tithes or taxes to anyone.

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