House Vebdraz was once one of Magoria's prime families. This family had the power to see and cross over to other dimensions. Historically speaking, this proved to be both an asset and a hindrance to the Magorians. The Vebdraz were employed by both the Shostakov and Yataslav in matters of warfare and civil security.

In time, it was found by the Sybil that the Vebdraz were allying themselves with dark forces. Their intent was to defeat the Magorian government and place themselves as the only ruling family, and then conquer the rest of Ereth with their dark allies.

This started the first Magorian civil war, and ended with the destruction of many of the founding members of the nobility. The Magorians were aided by the help of the Altorians, and a unit of sympathetic dwarven priests. Eventually, the Vebdraz were successfully opposed, and magically banished from the Magorian realm.

It is rumored that only a few of these treacherous vampires exist now. Some say, however, that they live together somewhere in the wild lands with an unnatural army, and are working to someday repay their Magorian brothers and sisters.

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